Title: How Self-Storage Can Help Businesses Grow


Any business owner would find it difficult to continue paying rental costs on a business or outlet space they cannot actually open, but this is exactly what has been happening throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has affected the global economy drastically and businesses have had to become innovative in order to stay afloat. It has been even more of a challenge for businesses with typically large overhead costs. With this problem comes a unique solution that may even help business grow: self-storage.

Self storage units can be a part of the solution because they can be adapted into customizable mini-offices. They are even more versatile than typical spaces because if your business or service offerings expand to require more space, you can get a larger unit which is much simpler to do than if you needed to build out a bigger office space. This solution is not only COVID-19 applicable but is useful post-pandemic as well.

If your business requires you to have cumbersome equipment such as camera, sound and lighting equipment or tools if you work in carpentry, instead of clustering your on-site space, you can use storage units instead. Storage units are much more portable for jobs off-site and on-site they help with maximizing your space.

This leads to another added benefit. It can help you increase your workflow. Instead of constant unloading and reloading, your equipment will always be loaded into the storage space. If you have another type of business, for instance, a boutique, a storage unit can be used to store your  old designs and collections while new ones are being prepared for the storefront display.

If you are a home-business owner, the solution is even more ideal for you if you get new shipments that require a lot of space.

Storage units can provide a pleasant working environment because you can use them to revamp your working stations and give staff a place for recreation or a space to unwind.

If you truly want to maximize your profits, storage units present a unique opportunity to do so. They can be functionally and creatively incorporated into your business processes and compared to other solutions they are way more cost effective.

Another way storage solutions can be of benefit is by providing a space where you can protect your assets. You can store copies of your important administrative files and records or other expensive assets that you prefer to have under constant surveillance. It is actually more comparably cost effective to set up video surveillance in a storage unit than to outfit an entire office space.

If these options sound possible for your business, then Go Mini’s storage pods might be ideal for you. They provide low cost, convenient and highly efficient portable storage units. They actually offer a 20 foot storage unit, which exceeds the average size of portable storage units in the industry. At this size, you could fit everything from a 2 bedroom house and have space remaining. They also offer 16 and 12 foot sizes. Go mini’s is sure to have the unit that will help you revamp your business, save on costs and innovate for growth.

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