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Can Rodent Exterminator Services Remove Mice and Rats?

Remove Mice

Do you love the cute look of mice? However, these rodents can be a source of annoyance. They can chew your boxes or wires, and even contaminate food. They are also carriers of different diseases. It is not easy to make your house free from rodents. That is why you can invest in Florida rodent exterminator service and get the best solution. Professional mice exterminators will identify the signs of rodent activities and implement the right method for destroying these creators.

How Do Rodent Exterminators Help You?

Professional rodent exterminators go through different steps to provide the best services.

  • Investigation – The first step is to inspect your house to detect potential rodent issues. The extermination specialists will start checking outside your house to find cracks and holes. Rodents often chew through wooden materials. So, exterminators want to find any small gaps near your windows.
  • Protection – The exterminators will then remove the mouse nests they have found during inspection. Moreover, they will seal and caulk to close gaps.
  • Monitoring and exterminating – The professionals treat every part of the house and monitor areas like kitchens and garages. Some experts use exterior rodent stations to trap mice in your house. Moreover, they know how to use rodenticide for the exterior side of your building.
  • Reporting – You will receive a comprehensive report on rodent extermination services.
  • Long-term help – The best company maintains a relationship with you to respond to any needs in the future.

Which Signs Indicate Rodent Infestation In Your House?

While inspecting your house, exterminators will look for some common signs.

  • Mice often leave droppings that look like brown pellets.
  • Holes in your cartons and food bags indicate that mice have damaged your items.
  • Sometimes, you may also notice grease marks on your walls. As mice have greasy bodies, they leave these marks while moving to the food source and nests.
  • Your boxes will have gnaw marks.
  • Mice chew out fabric to use it as the material for creating nests.

You should call professionals if you have found any of these signs in your house.

Habitats of Rodents

Most mouse species are nocturnal and escape risky situations. The white-footed mice are good swimmers and climbers. They can even move farther from the nest. Mice try to store food in burrows and nests. These rodents also eat various types of plants and bugs. The deer mice are found in agricultural fields and grasslands. Professionals are highly skilled at identifying the mice species and their habitats.

Some tips for preventive measures against rodents:

  • Keep your food secure in a sealed container.
  • Repair your leaky faucets and pipes.
  • Cover the trashcans and remove garbage properly.
  • Choose cats as your pet.
  • Remove old boxes, papers, and other clutter.
  • Wipe up food debris and drink spills.

Professionals use different methods for the extermination of rodents. They place the traps effectively to catch the mice. However, for better extermination, they apply rodenticide carefully to the main entry points of the building. You will get a long-term solution to rodent infestation.

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