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Search engine optimization seems like it’s easy to do until you have to do it. Businesses around Malaysia are slowly discovering that they have an arduous task ahead of them to make their websites SEO-friendly. Moz mentions that several distinct factors go into SEO. Yet even if a business pays close attention to each of these factors, they’re not guaranteed to rank. However, at its heart, SEO is a science. Knowing what factors can affect your website may give you an idea of what you need to do to improve your search engine ranking. Here, we look at how businesses can win at SEO in Malaysia.

Get Rid of Old and Low-Quality Content

Did you know that the quality of your content is directly related to its freshness? Sure, some content can be evergreen, but those topics form a small cross-section of the entire content pie. Search Engine Journal reminds us that all content eventually declines in value, and new content is necessary to keep a website current. One of the most straightforward SEO wins you’ll score will be updating all your content and removing old and low-quality content that might damage your final search engine rank score.

Make Sure Your Internal Links Are Updated

No website leaves all its content on the same page all the time. In fact, a lot of businesses move their content around as they update different pages. The problem here is that these create a chain of redirects that can damage your final SEO score. Your internal links should redirect only once. If you have a double or triple redirect, you’ll be in trouble when the search engine bot decides to crawl your page. Screaming Frog or SEMRush can help you figure out where your redirects are to clean them up to be more search engine friendly. You’ll likely be rewarded with a much better page rank as a result.

Improve Your Page Load Speed

Nothing pisses a user off more than having to wait for content. The longer your page takes to load, the fewer sales and leads you’ll get as a result. There are a few factors that may affect your page load speed that you will have to address. If you’re on budget hosting, you may want to consider switching to a more robust hosting service. If you’re running a free page, it’s time to upgrade to a paid one.

Additionally, you can optimize your media files to be smaller, allowing them to load much quicker. From a technical standpoint, you can reduce your HTTP calls. You can do this yourself or ask your web designer to help.

Hire a Specialist

If you’re stumped about how else to promote your SEO, there’s always the option of hiring help. YEAH! Local is one of those companies that go out of their way to help businesses score wins on their search engine rank. Because search engine optimization changes so often, signing on with a professional will help you spend less time working on your webpage and more time focusing on running your business.

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