Why Do Women Love Gold Jewellery So Much?   

Gold Jewellery

There is a very popular saying that diamonds and gold are a woman’s best friend. This saying has become a part of popular media because women indeed love wearing and buying jewellery. But the question is- why do women love jewellery and especially, gold jewellery so much? Note that this isn’t a recent phenomenon. Women have loved wearing jewellery since times immemorial.

Over time, designs have changed and instead of plain gold jewellery, there are now necklaces, rings, bracelets, and more with gems and other metals embedded in the gold. These designs have further created a boom in the fashion jewellery market and drawn more women towards it. So let us find out, why women have loved wearing jewellery for eons.

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Why Women Love Gold Jewellery? 

  • To look amazing: The first and foremost reason why women love jewellery is that it makes them look amazing. Unique jewellery combined with a great dress makes anyone ready to be the centre of any party. This is especially true for gold jewellery. The more gold a woman has on her, the more it draws attention to her. However, note that not all women like wearing heavy jewellery covering their bodies. Some like to wear light jewellery like a pendant, bracelet, or so. But no matter whether one likes to put on a gold bracelet for women or a heavy necklace inlaid with diamonds, it’s all done to ensure that they look beautiful and perfect.
  • It’s a great investment: Gold jewellery is very valuable. There are a lot of people who store their wealth in gold. Since women are generally the ones who look after their house, they buy the gold jewellery and store it for future safekeeping. As such, they can wear it to any party when needed and also keep it as financial security.
  • It gives them a sense of achievement:Nowadays, women aren’t confined to their homes. They go out, work, and earn their own money. As such, there are times when they want to reward themselves for performing well in their job. In these situations getting Melorra gold chains or a gold pendant allows them to reward themselves. Not to mention that it improves their sense of self-worth and self-confidence as well. In the long run, these gold purchases work as financial investments as well.
  • For marriage: When it comes to the marriage day, women want to look their best. After all, thousands of pictures are taken that day. So many families make gold jewelleries years in advance for that auspicious day. From gold bangles to gold crowns, everything is made according to the girl’s wishes to ensure that the girl looks precious and lovely.

Gold jewelleries are a woman’s friend. Whether it is for enhancing their self worth or for increasing their financial security, gold gives deep personal satisfaction to women. Wearing it can give them look unique and draw attention to themselves as well. So whether it is at a party or their wedding, it makes them stand out from the crowd.

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