What Are The Advantages Of Using 3 Pedals On Your Sim Rig?

Sim Pedals

It’s important to familiarise yourself with the best pedals on the market today, if you’re to make an informed decision as to whether you use two or three when sim racing. While opinions may vary, here are the top five pedals as rated by the pro’s:

Heusinkveld Sprint

Affordable and offering high-performance, these are ideal for giving sim racers more consistency and precision.

Heusinkveld Sim Pedals Ultimate

With precision and performance that are unparalleled, these are truly elite pedals from the house of Heusinkveld Engineering.

Simucube Active Pedals

These are a great choice for more advanced sim racers seeking the ultimate in realistic racing experiences.

Meca EVO1

With a reliable performance, these load cell pedals are a sound option for a great track experience.

Cube SP01

Blending great performance with affordability, these pedals are another good choice for sim racers of all abilities.

Should you choose two or three pedals on your sim rig?

If you’re looking for enhanced realism and versatility, the opportunity to develop your skills, and a higher level of precision, then a 3-pedal setup with accelerator, clutch pedals, and brake is the way to go.

Here are some more of the advantages of a 3-pedal sim racing setup for anyone seeking a more engaging and challenging race experience:


Mirroring a real car’s configuration more closely than a 2-pedal setup ever could, a 3-pedal setup allows you to hone your driving skills just as if you were driving a real car, in the real world.


Having a clutch pedal means that you can drive a variety of virtual vehicles, even those with a manual transmission, and explore a range of different racing disciplines.

Skill development

If you can use a 3-pedal setup to learn how to operate a virtual car with a manual transmission, then you’re more likely to be able to transfer those skills to real roads, and real cars. With clutch control and gear shifting techniques, you can become a better driver all round.

Enhanced precision

Giving you greater control over accelerating and decelerating, the separate clutch pedal on a 3-pedal setup gives you a smoother gear change and a lot more precision and control when braking and accelerating; this can be crucial in the competitive world of sim racing.

Starts and stops that are realistic

Launch your virtual vehicle with more control and carry out a more realistic start to a race with a clutch pedal, and even enjoy the thrills and spills of a realistic pitstop!

Simulated mechanical failures

A clutch pedal enables you to respond in a realistic manner to the mechanical failure or stall features that some racing games or simulators include.

Enjoyment and challenge

With the addition of a clutch pedal, some sim racers find racing to be more enjoyable and challenging, which can enrich the overall sim racing experience.

To find out more about the different pedal setups for sim racing, you can visit your nearest simulator hardware store in the UK, where you can get more detailed advice and guidance as to whether a 2 or 3-pedal setup would best suit your needs.

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