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Small Space, No Worries: The Awesome Benefits Of Balcony Gardening

Balcony Gardening

Many apartment owners think that their balcony is just too small to bring to life. But we say this is nonsense! One of the great joys of owning an apartment is turning an otherwise bare balcony into an above-ground oasis. From growing delicious fruit and veg to stylising with elegant furnishings and everything in between, balcony gardening is one of the best ways to invigorate apartments big and small!

Here are some reasons why:

You can make the space yours

Apartment dwellers – whether owners or renters – often think there is nothing to be done with a balcony. They think, “oh, it’s just such a small space, what’s the point of doing anything about it?” But this defeatist attitude stops us from truly enjoying what could (and should) be one of our favourite parts of the apartment.

To start, why not pick up some stylish planter boxes and fill them with some vibrant natives? From birds of paradise to peace lilies to wallaby yellows and more, some gorgeous plants are the perfect way to make the space yours. And, after all, why would you want to pass on the opportunity to enjoy and cultivate a space that likely enjoys a good couple of hours of sun each day? There are just so many wonderful options available!

You can grow fruit & veg

Australia is blessed with plenty of sunshine and this isn’t limited to the nation’s balconies. But many apartment-dwellers believe they have to miss out just because their outdoor space doesn’t contain soil – this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, growing delicious fruit, veg and herbs on the balcony is one of the most enjoyable and fruitful ways to enjoy this space.

There are many fruits, veg and herbs that thrive in hanging pots and micro gardens, including:

  • All types of berries
  • Parsley
  • Sage
  • Mint
  • Coriander
  • Carrots
  • Radishes
  • Beets
  • Eggplant
  • Cauliflower
  • Leafy vegetables that can grow in vertical gardens

The list goes on! And all you have to do is consult your local nursery to find out which options are perfect for your balcony. This is all part of the fun, as you can tell them about your balcony’s size and spatial dimensions as well as what you would ideally like to plant. They will then provide you with plenty of useful information on how to grow the delicious goodies you desire for your stunning balcony garden!

It’s good for your health

Any gardening is good for your health, just as being amongst lovely greenery is good for your health, too! What’s more, even more “lite” gardening like that you can do on your balcony is good for your physical health. All that planting, pruning, even possible weeding is good for your physical health, and this in-turn is a positive for your mental health, too.

What’s more, the satisfaction of taking a moment to relish in the gorgeous outcomes of your labour is one of the most joyful experiences you can have – we totally recommend it if you live in an apartment. You will feel a sense of reinvigoration simply knowing that your efforts have created something lush and vibrant in a relatively small space.

So, don’t be deterred if your balcony is on the tiny side, as you can still improve it and create something truly beautiful in this confined space. The results? Stunning plants, flowers and edibles on a balcony that you will revel in enjoying!

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