Tips to Plan Your Spring Wedding


Most people enjoy the weather during the spring. The weather is beautiful with so many colorful flowers. This season allows you to enjoy the warm weather. This makes spring a perfect season to get married.

Here’s a simple and easy wedding checklist for your spring wedding-

Select your venue

One of the main tasks for weddings is to pick an appropriate venue. The couple may have a particular wedding theme in their mind. In this instance, choosing a wedding venue becomes easier.

However, if you haven’t shortlisted a particular wedding theme, then you must choose one. This will help you to choose your wedding venue. You don’t have to aimlessly visit several venues. Instead, only a few venues that can provide your wedding theme.

Spring allows you to use outdoor space for your wedding. You can pick an outdoor wedding venue. You can use marquees as they allow you to enjoy your personal space. They also save you and your guests from additional heat and spread warmth around the space.

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Wedding stationery

Spring season opens several wedding theme options to you. Currently, floral is the most recommended and preferred theme for wedding stationery. You can merge floral print with a hint of gold/silver for your wedding invites.

Wedding stationery comprises of your wedding day itinerary, venue details, seating arrangement, and other activities of that day. You can attach a map of the seating arrangement to your wedding invite. This way, your guests don’t have to wander all around the venue to find their seats.

You can also mention details about the photo booth. This will help them to click their pictures as and when needed.


Pick your wedding ring

You may consider picking a ring to be the easiest part of your wedding. However, it’s not so easy, and there are several aspects to be considered. Firstly, fix a budget so that you don’t go overboard while picking the ring.

Once you have set a budget, consider your partner’s preferences. The way, they prefer their ring to be. If you are unsure about your choice, then directly ask them which type of ring they prefer. There are tungsten rings, gunmetal wedding band, classic diamond rings, etc.

On the contrary, if you are planning to pick the ring, then you must keep in mind certain aspects. Primarily, carry a spare ring that fits your partner as this will allow you to pick the right size. Take into account your partner’s personality. For instance, your partner has a strong personality then you can choose a gunmetal wedding band. This wedding band will do complete justice to his he-man persona.

Schedule your pre-wedding photoshoot

If you are planning a spring wedding, then why not take advantage of the beautiful weather outside. Get in touch with an experienced photographer, choose your favorite poses and plan your pre-wedding shoot.

The natural sunlight, colorful flowers, and luscious green shrubs can enhance your photoshoot. You don’t have to struggle with the indoor lights and can enjoy nature’s warmth.

You can also ask the photographer to pick locations that have rare spring plants so that you can capture them as well.

Table decorations

You can check online unique flower and centerpiece arrangements based on your wedding theme. You can pick spring flowers, clear glass, and candles for a classic look.

You can hang tiny flower pots around the corners with spring flowers in them. You can place mid-sized flower pots as centerpieces so that your guests can enjoy the beautiful aroma of the fresh flowers.

You can ask your bridesmaids or the best man to help you choose the table decorations.


It’s your wedding day and you would like to make the best of it. So, why compromise on your transport. Pick your favorite car model and rent it for your D-Day. Plan a grand entrance for your D-day and cherish the moment for the rest of your life.

Couples plan unique grand entrance and exits, you can search them online and plan one for yourself.

Besides, make sure that your guests have a mode of transport to travel from the wedding venue to the reception. This will also reduce traffic at the venue and you can make parking arrangements (if required).


You can plan to gift goodies to your friends and family members. Choose a useful and memorable gift. This way, they will always remember you and this special day.

Thank them for spending their precious time with you and making your day memorable. You can place a bulk order, get them gift wrapped and place them in gift bags. They can carry the goodies with them.


Apart from these, there are several arrangements that you ought to make. Therefore, it is essential to stay calm and make all arrangements well in advance. You will get saved from the last-minute rush.

Staying calm also helps you to deal with wedding jitters.

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