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5 Kitchen Gifts to Add to Your Gift Registry


We’ve all heard the term, ‘Big Fat Indian Weddings’ before and are also hearing that they are shrinking nowadays. But do you know what’s making them shrink, apart from the economic recession? The answer is practicality and convenience. Today, the major trends are driven by practicality and convenience and wedding trends are none the better. One such wedding trend that’s been showing up in weddings these days is a gift registry. One thing that’s common to all these wedding gift registries are definitely kitchen items.

So, here are 5 kitchen gifts you should definitely add to your gift registry!

#1. Coffee Machine

Coffee is the new age elixir and many rely on coffee to make us human in the mornings. So, a good coffee machine is necessary to start your day right. Brands like Nespresso, KitchenAid, Morphy Richards, havells etc have some of the best coffee machines. The premium ones are Nespresso and Whirlpool. We’re sure you won’t mind going the extra mile for some good coffee.

#2. Blenders

Blenders are a must in every kitchen. It is almost incomplete without one and cooking without a blender is definitely one of the toughest jobs and is akin to impossible. Some of the best brands when it comes to blenders are KitchenAid, Bosch, Panasonic, Philips etc. are some well-known brands. A good blender is essential to any kitchen and henche should feature on your gift registry.

#3. Rice Cooker and Steamer

Rice is a staple in India, especially South India. While cooking rice is admittedly easier than anything else, a rice cooker really makes things much easier. It’s also very convenient as you don’t have to be around the kitchen and can continue doing your work. The steamer can simultaneously steam your veggies and sprouts and help encourage a healthy lifestyle. The best brands are Panasonic, Preethi, Bajaj etc.

#4. Mixer Grinder

Another staple when it comes to Indian kitchens is a mixer grinder. Almost every recipe calls for the use of this and a good mixer grinder is definitely an essential and must feature in your gift registry. The best brands are Bosch, Preethi, Butterfly, Panasonic etc. Do Not hesitate in adding one as these come in use almost daily in your kitchen and your guests will only be happy gifting something that you actually use.

#5. Air Fryer

Today, millennial couples are getting increasingly conscious about their health and are opting for more healthier lifestyles. They are conscious about what they eat and also how they cook. One way to cut down on the oil is to use an Air Fryer. As it uses the bare minimum of the required amount, it definitely is a healthy alternative. Some of the best brands are Philips, Havells and Pigeon. Add them to your gift registry to live a more healthy life and give your guests the satisfaction of gifting you something that truly makes a difference!

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