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If you are looking for spending the vacations at the beach in Mexico, then Puerto Vallarta is the only place that comes to the thoughts. At the Mexico coast, the waves of different beaches hit the coast and cater to all the travelers there. Whether you want to swim, spend time with friends or just surf at the beach, you will find everything at the place.

They offer people to swim with dolphins in Puerto Vallarta but there is a small problem. We may not know where exactly we can go swimming with dolphins but there are few options for this. There is an aqua venture in Puerto Park which takes 5 to 10 minutes of walk.

Aquaventures is the largest park in the region of Nuevo or Puerto Vallarta. The specialty of the park is that it allows us to swim with the dolphins. Swimming with the friendly dolphins gives you a very lively day. But here the question arises if the water of Puerto Vallarta is swimmable? The answer is yes. It is because they treat their water with their advanced facilities and make it swimmable for you, your family and also for the dolphins.

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Swimming with dolphins

You may visit the park for some other activities but there are some specific activities at Puerto Vallarta which triggers you to do them. Just like swimming with dolphins, once you do swimming with them, then it becomes compulsory whenever to visit the beach. Dolphins become the best companion while swimming and give you good vibes.

Dolphin in the Puerto Vallarta gives you the chance to meet the sea lions in life. Those are one of the noblest marine mammals which give the comfort of your dog at home in the water.

The dolphins will play with you and give you emotional relaxation. Even they will kiss you and gives you warm hugs. People used to confuse dolphins with seals because of their appearance but dolphins are more friendly and human loving species. It is very easy to differentiate between them and for this, you will have to visit them at the park of Puerto Vallarta.

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