Why Australians Love their RVs


The Land Down Under is not only a country, but also a continent, which is the largest country in Oceania and the 6th largest nation on the planet. The people are used to travelling long distances and the Recreational Vehicle, or RV as we call it, has long been popular with Australian families; also known as the campervan, the best way to see the stunning wilderness that is Australia is in a self-sufficient vehicle that doubles as accommodation.

Independent travel

People don’t like to be tied to schedules and taking a two-week holiday in your fully equipped RV means luxury travel with zero restrictions. Technology has been a game-changer for the camping sector, with solar power to bring you energy independence; lithium-iron batteries store the electricity and you can pretty much go anywhere. We have more sunshine hours than any other land and the latest solar blankets charge even on cloudy days; if you have the right solar energy set up, you can spend as much time as you like away from society.

Cheap holidays

Let’s face it, there is no cheaper way to vacation than hopping into your RV and heading to the Outback; accommodation is expensive in every part of the world, especially here in Australia and with everything you need in your RV, holidays don’t cost a fortune. Camping has always been a firm favourite here in the land down under and RV developments have made it more accessible than ever. While many Australians own a campervan or RV, the rental market is very busy, with leading RV rental companies that provide excellent service.

New RV builds

There are specialist companies that take a stock chassis and add everything from a caravan fan to a fully equipped kitchen; if you have the budget, you can have a custom RV fitted out to your specs, which is the ultimate in luxury travel. There are many who built their own RV, which takes a big budget and a lot of hard work; if you have free time on your hands, this would make for an impressive project that provides you with the perfect holiday vehicle.

Sleeping under the stars

More often than not, the weather allows you to set up a tent and what could be better than sleeping under the stars? Nature is beautiful and when you camp outside, you are blessed with amazing night views, which is part of the appeal of camping. Click here for an article about using tarps for camping.

Online suppliers

Whether you are looking for a complete RV or components, there are online suppliers of everything you need for your RV experience. There are many fantastic campsites in NSW that offer every convenience and you can plan your holiday using the Internet.

Today’s generation of RV is fully equipped for luxury living and if you are considering buying an RV, the choices are endless.

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