Texas Car Shipping – Examining its Growth and Challenges

Texas Car Shipping

With more than 29 million persons living in the state of Texas, there are a number of reasons why a person will need to ship a car or cars to or from the state. Whatever the reason, there are many companies that are ready and even eager to help you with this service.

This is an informational article meant to take a look at this thriving industry. It aims to look at the progress that is being made in this sector and to also dissect some of the common challenges faced therein. This information will help us appreciate where we are coming from and also give us an idea of the challenges that are currently facing this sector.

By understanding both the progress that has been made and the challenges yet to be surmounted, we can properly evaluate how well this industry is doing and also find ways to improve. With this backdrop set, let’s jump right into it.

Important Progress Made

There have been some important advances made in the logistics industry. These advances have led to greater efficiency, improved delivery times and a general enhancement in service delivery. Let’s take a look at some of these advancements.

Technological Innovation

In this post, the introduction of IoT in the logistics industry is discussed in some detail. The sweeping wave, which is Internet of Things, or IoT for short, has changed many fields of endeavor, least of which is logistics.

Below are a few aspects of logistics management that have been significantly impacted by this technological innovation:

Inventory Management

This is one of the most fundamental and yet problematic aspect of logistic management. Get this wrong, and every other thing that follows will be down a slope. This has largely changed with the introduction of inventory management systems powered by IoT.

Items can now easily be tracked in real-time by simply placing RFID tags on them. The tag both monitors location and quantity of the items. This automation of the process is one of the reasons why we have increased efficiency in this industry.

Tracking and Monitoring of Shipment

Just as with inventory management discussed above, tracking and monitoring of shipment enroute their destination is a core function in logistic management. In addition to Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags, GPS systems and eSIMs are also employed to monitor the movement of shipment.

Aside from just knowing where the shipment is, these tools can also be used to check for conditions like relative humidity in the containers, temperature, and more. This makes transporting exotic or highly valuable cars a lot easier. Customers can confidently allow their most prized possessions to be shipped, knowing that they will be delivered in top shape.

Fleet Management

Managing multiple vehicles headed in different directions can get really confusing. It was a common thing in the past for shipment to get mixed up. A car meant to be delivered to Amarillo can be sent to Houston or even out of state.

Today, every vehicle in the fleet is tracked in real-time and any deviation promptly sported. Aside from the increased efficiency, there’s also the increased security of both the shipment and the drivers.

The few points above capture the essence of the improvement that this industry has experienced in the last few years.

Challenges in the Texas Car Shipping Industry

Car Shipping Industry

It’s not been all fanfare for this industry. The truth is that services that provide auto transport in Texas have had and still do have their fair share of challenges. To provide some balance, we will quickly list some challenges that are still a thing in this industry.

Distance and Terrain

As the second largest state in the United State, both by land mass and population, one thing that any logistic company will tell you is that there’s a lot of ground to cover. Aside from its sheer mass, it has widely varying topography that can be challenging.

Traditionally, Texas has four clear regions. These are described as Balcones Fault zone, Eastern Cross Timbers, Gulf Coastal Plains and the Great Plains. What this means is that there will often be extended transit times and large chunk of time between both deliveries and pickups.

Weather and Climate Uncertainties

Unpredictable weather conditions can be the logistics team’s nightmare. Texas is known for scorching hot summers, and the occasional freezes during winter. Worse still is the unpredictable storms that can rock the boat, or in this case, the shipment.

Any company operating in the logistic department in Texas has to be ready for these conditions and be able to meet their obligations regardless. Knowing that these conditions do exist gives operators some wiggle room to make advance preparations.


Like most urban cities, problems of traffic congestion can be an issue with deliveries in Texas. This gets even worse in cities like Houston, Austin, and Dallas. However, with all the technological innovations currently available, this challenge can also be managed such that it does not greatly derail schedules.

You can learn more about how urbanization has affected Texas in this article:


Shipping a car or cars to and from Texas has never been easier than now. Despite the challenges we looked at above, you can still enjoy great efficiency and fast shipping if you choose the right company to work with. So, if you ever plan to ship vehicles to or from Texas, your major concern should be who your shippers will be. Sort this out, and enjoy quick and efficient delivery.

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