Top 5 Challenges RPO companies are facing in 2020

RPO companies

How efficient are RPO services?

In today’s modern world, RPO services have gained increased significance. The recruitment process is full of hassles, and with the expansion of businesses and increased workload, companies prefer to take the help of RPO’s for their recruitment process.

However, with the increasing number of candidates and a rising number of jobs, the RPO services are also facing various challenges. With the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, the problems have multiplied in 2020. Recruitment is a challenging process in itself that requires proper planning. The COVID-19 pandemic is challenging the functioning of the top RPO companies in India.

RPO Services in India

With the ongoing situation, the RPO services India are badly hit. India is currently one of the fastest-growing RPO markets. The need for RPO services across the world has gained significance over the years due to the impact of organizational structure, strict project deadlines, insufficient time for recruitment, inefficiencies in recruitment, etc. The pandemic has affected the top RPO companies in their operations, research and development innovations, investments, and other policies.

Challenges RPOs are facing

The magnitude of challenges faced by RPO companies and the complexity of problems, has increased in 2020. With some global challenges such as ineffectiveness of the process, stringent deadlines for recruitment, etc., these companies are facing some major problems this year. Here are the significant challenges faced by top RPO companies in 2020-

  • Time crunch-

With the outbreak of the pandemic, it is becoming difficult to find a suitable employee with a strict deadline. The lockdown and social distancing norms have made it difficult for the RPO services India to find the perfect employees in a strict time frame. The younger employees are even looking for alternative jobs due to the risk of being fired anytime. If they get a better platform, they will prefer to shift to another job. Hence, the guarantee for employees’ loyalty is being challenged harshly. Even the time limit given to RPO services is strict, and it is incredibly tough to find the right employee within the time frame as hardly anyone wants to step out of the home due to fear of the novel coronavirus.

  • Truth-

The resumes put forth by the candidate are sometimes not all correct. To seek a particular job, candidates sometimes exaggerate information in their resumes with fake information. They resort to unethical ways of getting hired, show fabricated achievements, an increased number of years of work experience, and fake certifications. Thus, it makes it challenging for RPO companies to get the correct information of a candidate. In the current time, it has become even more challenging to keep a check on the information provided by the candidate due to the loss of a face to face meeting opportunity. The cross-checking of data has become difficult. However, the top RPO companies are working hard and are coming up with various innovative solutions to their problems to adapt to the situations.

  • Lost jobs-

The unemployment rates are increasing worldwide, and the RPO companies are also facing this crunch. There is less demand for employees from many companies, and some have even frozen their hiring processes indefinitely.

  • Inefficiency-

Many resumes have to go through thorough checks to find a single candidate who matches the qualifications, skills, competence, and expertise required for a particular job; the pandemic has made the RPO companies’ functioning quite inefficient as all the employees are working from home. This work from the home system is not efficient for such companies who have to go through thousands of resumes to find suitable candidates. This can potentially result in improper selections that will degrade the value of RPO companies.

  • Virtual interviews-

Today, an interview is the most important procedure for anyone to get the job. It is the process through which the recruiters get to meet the candidate directly i.e., personal interaction. This is the most effective method to get to know a person’s psychology, mentality, attitude, etc. Interviews are a tricky affair that needs to be handled intelligently. However, with social distancing norms in 2020, it is impossible to meet the candidates in person. Hence, the recruitment process is being challenged here. Meeting personally and via video conferencing are different. Virtual interviews often provide less information about the candidate to an employer when compared to a one on one interaction.


With the sudden outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic in 2020, the social distancing orders throughout the world forced almost every business to change its operations. The biggest challenge that this outbreak has posed to enterprises is to maintain their continuity.

Every business requires proper planning. COVID-19 has distorted the planning and functioning of every business. The need of the hour is to try hard to mitigate the coronavirus’s impact and start again with the new norms. In these challenging times, the RPO companies can be a perfect solution to help other businesses with diverse hiring requirements.

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