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Super Smart Storage Ideas For Small Space Living

Super Smart Storage Ideas For Small Space Living

There’s no doubt that a cluttered home is a stressful place to live. Not only does unnecessary clutter make your home appear unattractive to visitors, but it has a significant negative impact on your mental well-being. As humans, we tend to feel our best when our lives (and our homes) are in order, while clutter only adds to our stress levels.

But how do you make your home appear neat and organized if you are short on space? How do you find ways to store your belongings when you don’t have a large closet for your clothes or a grand kitchen island for all your cutlery? Here are our top six smart storage ideas for small space living:


There is a lot of furniture in the market that comes with storage options. You can find beds with storage compartments underneath or models that feature headboards with space to store all your magazines, books, and other bedroom supplies. If you are looking to add additional seating space to your lounge, you can find a bench with storage underneath that will fulfill both your needs. While speaking of smart furniture, who can forget the useful old ottomans? With their ability to store anything from your gaming equipment to extra pillows, an ottoman brings order and organization to any living room.


All of us own certain items that we may not need right now but still wish to keep as they could be useful in the future. For instance, if you are moving into a smaller house, you may find that you don’t have the space to set up all the furniture you own. Simultaneously, you may not want to sell any of it as it could be utile again when you move into a bigger home. Similarly, there are many seasonal items such as clothes and shoes that you only use during particular times of the year. You can easily store them away until you need them.

In the above cases, storage spaces serve as a highly cost-effective storage solution. These units can store all your unused belongings and keep them secure for a reasonable price. If you are a Floridian, you can find several reliable storage Pensacola facilities and pick your requirements.


Walls are one feature in every home that gets neglected most of the time. Many people have a few pictures or paintings on the walls while the rest of the space is bare. Many of us don’t realize it can be useful as an excellent storage space in a small home. Whether it is your small bedroom or living room, you can add shelves along the walls to add several square feet of convenient storage space to any area.


New clothes are always great. The only problem is your closet’s inability to grow with them. So what do you do when you need extra space for your new wardrobe? Invest in clothes racks and install them in all those empty corners in your home, be it your bedroom or laundry room.


You have no space for a desk, but you badly need one; what can you do in such a scenario? Get a fold-down desk. This fantastic invention can fold up against a wall when it is not in use, making it a brilliant solution for those who work from home but don’t have any spare space to set up a home office. Fold-down desks are available in various styles, shapes, and sizes, with some even featuring built-in shelves to store your office supplies.


Pegboards are no longer just for workshops or tool sheds; they can be placed anywhere around the house as a storage solution. All you need is a few screws and an empty wall to mount your pegboard, and your DIY organizer will be ready to store anything. Whether you decide to place it in your room to keep your jewelry and scarves or have it on your kitchen wall to organize all those herbs and spices is entirely your choice. You can easily find various hooks, rods, and baskets for the organizer to suit your storage preferences.


Regardless of your home’s size, there are plenty of ways to utilize every corner so that you have sufficient space to store all your belongings. With the above tips, your home should start to appear more organized and clutter-free in no time!

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