Make the Most Out of Selling Your Old Car

Make the Most Out of Selling Your Old Car

One look at your old car and you know it is time to sell it. It has reached the end of its life, and now it is eating up space in your garage. Without getting a quote from a dealer, you know that you may not even get a fraction of the money you spent on the car when you sell it. However, you can make sure you get the most out of selling your used Lexus car if you know where to sell it and how to earn more.

Leverage private collectors

If your car has a distinctive feature or is a classic, you may be in luck. Private collectors are in constant lookout for specific models or cars with unique decals to add in their existing collection. They may pay an extravagant amount to get your car. However, if it is not unique and has a lot of rust, accident damage, etc., selling privately is not the way to go.

Great deals at dealership

Many dealership stores offer you the option to exchange your old car for a new one you buy from there. While the trade-in value may be low, this option gives you some leeway when buying a new car. Moreover, some dealerships may even give you cash for your car if you are not trading it for a new one from them.

The junkyard destination

Junkyard is the destination for most old cars. The best thing about this option is that they are not picky about cars. It can be dented, rusted, busted, and much more and you will still get money. Dealers that give cash for scrap cars come into this category as well. How much you earn here depends on the weight of your car and the current rate. There is no chance of haggling here.

Earning more with old cars

You can earn more than the set industrial per-pound rate while selling your old car if,

  • the components are in working condition
  • you find a scrap yard that sells used parts
  • you choose the right selling option

When selling an old car, finding a dealer with higher rates in the key. However, it is more important to decide where and how you will sell. For instance, when short on time scrap yards and junkyards are a better option whereas private buyers are best for those with time and a working car in their hands.


Research is the key to making the most of selling your old car. Know everything about your car, and get quotes from multiple places. While a car with a working component may fetch more money, it is only a minimal amount. Therefore, investing your money to increase its value is foolish.

Learn more about different types of market places where you can sale or buy the used car, on this website:

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