Presenting You The Top Five Places To Visit In Sikkim

Presenting You The Top Five Places To Visit In Sikkim

It is rightly said, “Wonders do come in a small package!”, and rightly so, Sikkim is one such place for all the travelers. If you wish to witness, you should visit this picturesque state of Sikkim. Cloistered with magical Himalayas, though Sikkim is the second tiniest state in the country, it is primarily known for its beauty and the mesmeric charm that will make you wonder!

Sikkim does not only boast of its alluring beauty but also it offers an exciting list of things that are to do and the places to visit. If you are someone who is wondering to visit this very charismatic state, you may visit these five places to visit in the Sikkim that may make your day. You can contact travelsetu to plan your tour.

1. Gangtok

No matter, if you believe it or not, but honestly, it is really tough for anyone to resist the enticing charm of Gangtok! It is almost impossible. This capital city of the Sikkim, Gangtok takes shelter in the Eastern Himalayas which is a kaleidoscopic tourist destination as well.

Perhaps, the best time of visiting Gangtok is somewhere around March to April and one who fails to visit, he may travel around October to November.

It is also advisable to avoid traveling during the rainy season as it may lead to roadblocks and you won’t be able to enjoy sightseeing.

2. Yuksom

Yuksom is located in the Western parts of the Sikkim, it is also the origin of various exciting treks into the Himalayas or in the magical Kanchenjunga. This hamlet is more popular for its rustic appeal and pristine beauty.

This place is also known as- ‘Meeting place of The Three Lamas’, this village has recently began gaining tourism attention.

3. Tsomgo Lake

When you make a visit to Gangtok, just do not miss an opportunity to visit Changu Lake or the Tsomgo Lake! It is located only about 38km from the Sikkim’s capital, lies at a height of 12,400ft and is also amongst the highest lakes in India.

Tsomgo Lake is basically a day trip from Gangtok. In most cases, it is advised to leave for the lake a little early in the morning in order to reach in time and enjoy the picturesque views.

4. Nathula Pass

Once upon a time, part of the very historic ‘Silk Road’, visit to the Nathu La is a pretty must in almost every Sikkim travel packages. This place is located at a height of 4,310m right above the sea level that connects Sikkim with the Tibet.

5. Pelling

If you are someone who is an ardent fan of the Himalayan Range, Pelling is definitely the destination for you! One can have the finest views of the Himalayas alongside the Kanchenjunga Peak.

These are a few of the places that can help you experience the finest and the best of the Sikkim holidays when you take your travel package from the travelsetu.

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