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We must consider that web design is a much broader concept than purely aesthetic. It includes the complete planning of all the aspects that influence the user experience. In other words, creating a successful website is not only to endow it with visual appeal, but also to make it functional, fast and useful, and so that the visitor who comes to it can interact with it comfortably and effectively. Some principles of effective web design that every web designer should take into account when building a site are the following:

Intuitive structure

A basic principle of usability of a website is that the structure is intuitive. The visitor must be able to move through it naturally, without doubts arising as to how to get from one place to another on the site.

The drop-down menus and submenus play an important role in the structure, since they allow you to locate the information you want to obtain quickly and easily.

Visual hierarchy

The visual hierarchy is the order in which we perceive information. A web designer must identify the order of importance of each section to assign it a place in the structure, logically giving preference to the most relevant sections.

To create visual hierarchy in web design, use the size hierarchy and the content hierarchy.

The one of size implies that the most important is highlighted by a larger size and the less important is presented in a smaller. Content is carried out by placing the information that we are most interested in highlighting in those places to which the eye is directed in the first place.


Website accessibility means that information should reach the user in the easiest way: legible text, pleasing colors, and content standing out against the background. For this, attention must be paid to aspects such as typography, which must be clear, the color palette, which must be consistent, and the images that illustrate the web, which must be of good quality and in high resolution. Also keep in mind that the color of the text must contrast with the background so that it is clearly visible.

Hick’s Law

Hick’s law can be applied not only to web design, but in general, to many other situations. This law establishes that each additional option increases the time it takes to make a decision, which makes the user experience more difficult. Navigating the site should have a limited number of options to make it easier, otherwise the visitor may be engulfed in an overdose of possibilities that will end up overwhelming him and will make him abandon abandon it out of frustration.

Fit’s Law

Fit’s law holds that the time it takes to move toward a target depends on both the size of the target and the distance to it.

This law is very useful in web design at the usability level since it makes it easier for users to click on the buttons or sections that interest us most.

Therefore, when the objective is for the visitor to carry out some type of action, it will be necessary to ensure that it is carried out in the fewest number of steps possible, and to encourage them by implementing a clearly visible call to action.

Communication and content

Web design takes into account a concept called “visible language” that can be defined as the content that people see on the screen.

This content is not only text, but also images and must be organized in an organized, inexpensive and understandable way.

This means that the information must be correctly divided into the corresponding sections, that it must not be provided beyond what is strictly necessary and that people who are potential consumers of what is offered must understand it.

Blanks and Simple Design

Simplicity is synonymous with efficiency in web design. Hence the importance of blank spaces.

Blank spaces help separate information and therefore make it easier to perceive. There is no need to be afraid of including blank spaces as they give “air” to the design and make it more orderly.

In addition, it should also be borne in mind that a simple design has a number of advantages. Grid-based designs with columns, charts and sections present the information in a very orderly and understandable way.

And don’t go crazy looking for originality at all costs. A conventional design does not have to be boring, and it adds confidence and credibility.

Periodic Testing

Test, test and test. Doing usability test is essential to detect possible problems. The process is simple, but you should not lose sight of it: first, it is designed, then it is tested, then it is corrected and finally it is tested again. Design is not something independent of usability so you have to work with both factors in mind at all times. Through all points of web designer will be help full in making the successful page.

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