Learning The Major Causes Of Excessive Tire Wear In Cars


There are various causes of wear & tear on vehicle tires – ranging from just simple over-usage to having a malfunctioning vehicle suspension system. The list can be endless and if you as a vehicle owner is not giving much attention to your car tires, then chances are that accidents can happen anytime.

Therefore, you must keep in mind the main factors that can lead to tire wear in cars so that you can take preventive measures before a dangerous incident takes place. In this article, we’ll be taking a look at some of the major factors that can lead to excessive tire wear in vehicles – with the help of car removal in Auckland services.

The Major Causes Of Excessive Tire Wear

  1. Tire Pressure And Wheel Alignment

One of the most popular problems that can lead to excessive tire wear would be insufficient tire pressure and incorrect wheel alignment. It should be noted that not all car drivers will be following the same wheel alignment recommendations, which thereby leads to significant tire wear in the short-term. Therefore, it should be the duty of every responsible car driver out there to subsequently check the tire pressure and wheel alignment at regular intervals to avoid any mishaps.

It’s suggested that tire pressure and a wheel alignment should be checked every three weeks for the best possible results.

  1. Suspension That Is Malfunctioning

The suspension is a major component of the car that connects the car body to its wheels. Therefore, if there’s any problem in the car’s suspension, it can affect the overall controlling ability of the vehicle. That’s why as a responsible car driver, you should always check the suspension of your vehicle at regular intervals.

Ensure that the suspension isn’t too hard or too soft. The firmness level of the suspension will also affect the car’s ride comfortability. Thus, you must keep the above important concepts in mind.

  1. Driving In An Aggressive Manner

When you use your vehicle to drive at high-speeds, you’ll not only put stress on the car’s engine but also your car’s tires as well. With aggressive driving, the overall wear and tear of the tire will be increased since the tire will be exposed much more to friction with the road surface.

This is the reason why in Formula One races, racing cars need to change tires in the middle of the races. This is because – by operating the tires at high speeds, heat energy gets generated, which thereby leads to excessive wear & tear.

Therefore, as a responsible vehicle owner, you should always drive your vehicle within moderate speeds.

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