How to Repair MS Office Issues on Mac    

MS Office on Mac

If you have been using Microsoft Windows for a long time, you are likely to have a hard time using the macOS app after a sudden switch. However, you can always install some important MS apps to macOS like MS Office.

MS Office for MacOS 10.14 is a productivity suite that has products that edit and create distinct types and formats of documents. If you are experiencing errors or issues on your Mac because of this app, it may need a quick fix or reinstallation. Below are some ways to repair MS Office on Mac.

Common MS Office issues on MacOS 10.14

The main products of Office for MacOS 10.14, such as MS Words, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and MS Outlook, usually misbehave after some time. Here are some of the common problems you may experience:

MS Word

  • The date format is displayed as two digits instead of four, which is the usual format.
  • The app crashes (mostly on start-up) and runs
  • The numbered list doesn’t work correctly.
  • Printing problems.
  • Cannot save the file on the server.

MS PowerPoint

  • Crashes when opening a file.
  • The app crashes while switching to another app using the command and tab keys.
  • The app may ask you to save the presentation when you switch to another window.
  • The window becomes unstable upon quitting the Slide Show in full screen.
  • Font errors.

MS Excel

  • The app crashes when you are moving sheets between workbooks.
  • Date format displayed two digits instead of four.
  • The cursor is not aligned on the function bar.
  • It is hard to format a cell border.

MS Outlook

  • The app crashes at start-up
  • Can’t import contacts to Outlook

How to fix MS Office’s issues on MacOS 10.14

Most MS Office’s issues on MacOS 10.14 can be quickly resolved using some simple processes. One of the easiest ways to handle the issue is to run a clean start-up. You need to be logged in as the admin on your computer. Restart your computer in Safe Mode to perform a Safe Boot.

Sometimes, a corrupt user account may cause problems to MS Office for MacOS 10.14. You may create a new user account, and this normally solves the issues.

If the issues persist, reinstalling the MS Office for macOS is the best way to handle it. However, the misbehaving app on macOS could mean something worse is about to happen to your computer. It would be better to visit a service center to repair MS Office on Mac and check the overall status of your computer.

If the apps on your MacBook keep on crashing, it could mean that your computer’s operating system or hardware is in trouble. Taking a guess and fixing it by yourself is not the best idea in this case. Moreover, these kinds of problems on your device should be fixed right away as there is a chance that you may lose all the important data on your hard disk.

Having the MS Office apps on your Mac laptop is very useful, especially if you are not familiar with its macOS counterparts. These guidelines should come in handy whenever you encounter some problems with the app. Additionally, if you are not sure about the issue of your device, do not hesitate to visit the nearest repair center as they know how to handle your computer’s problem properly.

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