Business Strategies for Minimizing Workflow Disruption

Business Strategies

There is fierce competition across most industries—companies have to stand out in order to stay relevant in their niche market. For businesses to prioritize the tasks most essential to the success of their brand, they need to maximize the efficiency of their operations. You can not pivot, disrupt, or lead a market if you are tied up in menial, time-consuming tasks. If you’re considering ways to take your business strategies up a notch, here are some strategies to consider.

Reduce Workflow Interruptions

Business researchers say that once an employee’s workflow has been interrupted, it takes approximately 20 minutes before they can recover to a productive state. When disturbances continually come up throughout the day, such as unpredicted meetings and phone calls, it can have a domino effect on a companies overall productivity and ultimately, a companies’ gross profits. Many business leaders have come up with successful strategies that are effective in minimizing employee distraction.

Incorporate a Virtual Answering Service

One of the most distracting elements of a business is consistent, unpredictable phone calls. Having to take phone calls throughout the day can have a huge impact on the productivity of an employee and increase the amount of time it takes for him or her to complete higher-level projects. A live virtual receptionist is a great option for businesses looking to minimize the disturbance of inbound phone calls and maximize the efficiency of their employee’s workflows.

A virtual receptionist is almost identical to a traditional receptionist with the main difference being location. A virtual receptionist works from a call center and is trained to answer routine questions for a business and provide high-quality customer service. This allows employees to streamline their workflow and minimize timely interruptions.

Develop Time Blocks

Many businesses have incorporated a “time block” strategy as a way to minimize disturbances throughout the workday. A time block is a portion of time throughout the day when employees can put their devices on airplane mode or work from home in order to have maximum focus. Many businesses have seen success from encouraging their employees to carve out times throughout the day to tackle their high priority tasks without any distractions from co-workers. Business researchers have even suggested that this strategy could improve productivity by 40 percent.

Every business wants to optimize efficiency to increase growth. There are many strategies businesses can employ to maximize employee productivity.

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