How can you differentiate a smart TV and an Android TV?

smart TV and an Android TV?

Android TV comes into play when we consider the fact that today we see more on our mobile screens than on giant screens. AndroidTV bridges that gap between your phone and TV. It also gives you the choice when it comes to a personalized viewing experience. Included with various apps for photos, music, games, movies, etc., it not only has a wider variety in each selection, but also provides an option to enjoy the content available on your phone on the big screen. This is possible through Chromecast-builtin (basically Chromecast but comes bundled with Android TV).

Chromecast Facility to stream online

With Chromecast, almost everything you can think of on the phone can be streamed to the TV screen, be it photos, music, videos, netflix or hotstars. The list goes on. You can even launch powerpoint, excel sheets and even some Chromecast compatible games (game will be shown on TV, controls on phones). You can also easily hide your laptop wirelessly via chromecast.

Android TV is also highly synced to your mobile phone (don’t worry, I mean iOS users too). Google Play Store on Android TV has enough of very useful apps compatible with Android and iOS (of course, an advantage for Android phones). Examples might be remote control apps on your phone to control TV (TV side view for Bravia), apps to receive mobile notifications on the best smart TV, Haystack news to watch the news as per your choice instead of listening Arnab Goswami asking what the nation wants to know.

You can watch Unlimited Online Content on Android TV

In this new generation of binge watching and unlimited online content, people like to discover new content, know what’s going on, and everyone uses their TV as an all-in-one device capable of personalization and personalized content. Returning to the question, smart TV generally has Wi-Fi connectivity and basic Internet functions such as YouTube, Internet browser. On Internet TVs Sony come with Netflix, Sony Liv and Amazon prime (recently launched). So it completely depends on how far you are going to use it. Install and uninstall applications as per your demands.

Smart TVs are already part of our day to day. They came four years ago and today it is very difficult not to see one when we go to buy a new television. They are here to stay and there are fewer and fewer conventional models without an Internet connection system or application ecosystem. If you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out on a lot of things you haven’t been able to do until now. Maybe Smart TV sounds like something biased and useless to you but no, we can get a lot out of it. An Android TV is also a smart TV with Android support and with useful Android Applications. brings latest updates about daily use home appliances and provides perfect guides to buy them. If you want to know more about the latest updates and products, you must visit

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