7 Reasons To Go For Android App Development For Business?


We are living in a world that has started to ditch PCs and desktops while moving towards mobile phones. The audience is now showing interest in the world of smartphones through which they can connect with companies with few taps.

This increase in demand has influenced the Android market while taking the app development business to the next level. On top of that, the expert android app developers work on the platform to enhance user experience.

Along with this, companies are opting for smartphones for their business benefits and reaching a maximum audience. For large companies, cross-platform app development is an ideal way to move forward. They need to be everywhere with the expansion of their business.

This is not the case with small scale business due to limited budget. They usually prefer a single platform to determine the success of their business.

If you are also facing the same confusion then it is best to check out the possibilities that Android holds. So, let us take you through the reasons that make companies go for Android app development.

#1 Portability

The android mobile app developers usually prefer Android due to its portable nature. The main factor is the use of the Java Programming Language that has simplified the native apps development process.

With this programming language, porting to other platforms or operating systems is extremely easy such as Symbian, Ubuntu, and Blackberry. In addition to this, the Chrome operating system is also available for porting Android apps.

#2 Community

Android apps are exclusively used by users around the world due to its enhanced popularity and setup. As a result, it has a large scope of expanding business and reaching out to the maximum audience crowd easily.

Not having an android app might end up losing business and possible prospects. However, a small loss in the business world can end up being a deep well due to throat-cutting competition in the market. Hence, it is essential to ensure that websites that are converted to the app are a part of the Android world.

#3 Huge Marketplace

The availability of android apps in the marketplace is another reason that makes developers jump to the development phase. Google play store is an expanded marketplace through which the users can easily get the desired results for the app.

If we take the estimate of a day then the mobile app world witnesses the downloads of million on an average. This estimate is more than enough to showcase the mobile app’s popularity in the market.

#4 Compatibility with other devices

When it comes to android app development then there is no doubt that it can be a part of ubiquitous. It focuses on the operating system that is not limited to smartphones but has spread up to video game players, tablets, smart TVs, car systems, and smartwatches.

Along with this, there are several other devices such as drones, car DVD players, and media players that are developed with Android OS. This opens up a number of opportunities for the developers to explore and expand their vicinity for a business.

#5 Profitability

One of the myths that are extremely famous in the market is that iPhones are used by people with heavy pockets. Hence, iPhone users can invest in apps instead of android users. This is just a myth in the present time as the status quo no longer depends upon Apple devices.

If anything, as per the market status, android apps are considered profitable in comparison to iOS. This can be due to the ads model that allows developers to generate revenue. Along with this, there are other means of aspects through which android developers can earn money that is not really possible with iOS devices.

#6 Faster Development & Deployment

The iOS apps deployment time frame is time-consuming and can be daunting for the individuals. It can take hours to get the deployment done and get the app on the store. This is not the case with Android apps that take less time for the deployment process.

This is the main reason that android apps are considered to quicken the process. The quick deployment and development can help in giving a boost to the business.

#7 Lower Entry Barrier

As we all are aware the iOS app post takes more time as compared to the Android apps. The Android apps mainly require the APK that can be gained with registration. The payment is approximately $25 for the one time only.

The best part is that android app development can be done over windows, mac, and Linux that lower up the entry barrier. This same charge goes up to $99 in the App store as an annual charge.


These are the major reasons that make android app development an integral part of the industry. On top of that, the mobile app development company has experts that can cover up the whole process easier. So, don’t wait up and get the app development done to take business to a new end.

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