Chuck the gas ones – opt for electric boilers instead!

electric boilers

For years now, commercial spaces have always benefitted from gas boilers. But now that these have worn out and show lots of problems, why don’t you shift to electric boilers? These are one of the highest selling boilers in recent times and have proved really beneficial in all areas. Especially the commercial centres have made a new thumb rule of only installing electric boilers in their workplace.

Ø  Why should you switch to electric boilers from your gas ones?

No commercial place can turn cold during or after its work hours. That is why it’s important to adopt a heating system that consists of a boiler that never easily shows issues. And how much ever you try, the problems with gas boilers are too frequent and common to avoid. Instead, if you try installing the electric boilers from Electric Combi Boilers Co., they provide the best heating system that has the following listed advantages as compared to the gas ones:

o   Energy efficient — The soaring high electricity bill is always an issue in all the commercial places. And if you are using a gas boiler, then you can imagine the rise in them. An electric boiler is very energy efficient and ultimately saves on the bills. Also, since you are not using any natural fuel for the purpose, you even save the environmental energy that goes in bulk when you use the gas boilers.

o    Best central heating and compactly sized system — It’s a great factor that electric boilers do not need any gas supply. So the central heating system that it provides seems the best pocket friendly idea. And the compact size that these are available in make them easier to install in your offices or factories.

o   Low installation cost — Unlike gas boilers, electric boilers do not require a certain extra fuel emission point or a chimney. They require very less manpower to install them and can be fit in any part of your office or factory without taking up much space. Also these boilers don’t make noises like the gas boilers. So you can keep it in any room without the stress of the sound that it may make to disturb you or your workers.

o   No maintenance stress — Electric boilers are very compact and usually a one or two piece equipment. That is why the maintenance that usually goes in cleaning the gas boilers isn’t required in the electric ones. These are very compact pieces and can be cleaned by just a swift mop.

o   The no risk factor — You don’t really have to worry about the explosions or electrical shocks that mostly happen due to the installation of gas boilers. Even the carbon emission is very high when you use these boilers in your commercial place. While on the other hand, the electric boilers are pretty much safer. They are directly connected to the electrical systems with a secure wiring or cable. This makes it the safer solution to opt for!

It was in the past that you had to adjust with gas boilers which used to occupy a large space, cost you in bulk because of the electric bills and the fuel that was needed to make it work. But today, the electric boilers are compact and modern solutions that are best and safe for any commercial use. They don’t even cost you much and can be controlled through modern technology as well. So aren’t electric boilers much better than the gas ones?

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