Embroidery vs. Printing: Which Should You Choose and When?

Embroidery vs. Printing

Customized apparel provides a different kind of marketing altogether. As such, many companies invest in them for events, staff uniforms, merchandise, etc. However, when getting personalized t-shirts or clothing, you will face a tough question. Which medium should you choose? Should you go for embroidery or choose among the different types of printing? Before you make a choice,

there are things you need to consider first. The good printer can help you to print better apparel and design. The buyer guide on help you to decide which printer is best in the wide of option. Here, you may also find a printer for your home or office.

Factors that affect your choice between embroidery and printing are:

The Need for Customized Apparel

The first thing to consider is the use of customized apparel. Are you getting them for your staff? Or is it for a one-time event? Depending on the time you need to use the clothing you will need to choose the medium. For instance, if you want the t-shirt to be durable for a long time, them embroidery is the better choice. Whereas, for a one-time event, prints are suitable.

The Fabric You are Using

The fabric you are using also affects your choice between embroidery and printing. While the former works with several different types of fabrics, the latter goes well on smoother materials. Similarly, a polo t-shirt works well with embroidery more than prints. However, keep in mind that woolen knits don’t work with either.

How Much You Wish to Spend

Both printing and embroidery require digital files to apply them to the fabric. The latter requires you to convert an image file to a digitalized design, whereas printing can be done directly. Most Brisbane embroidery shops will outsource the conversion work to an expert, which is costly. Printing costs only a fraction of this. Therefore, decide your budget to choose accordingly.

The Kind of Finish You Want

Do you want a two-dimensional finish or a three-dimensional one? Printing allows you to do intricate designs that remain shiny when it is brand new. However, the print will be 2-D. On the other hand, embroidery gives a 3-D finish that you can feel. Some digitizers will add extra textures for a better finish.

The Quantity of Your Order

Finally, the biggest factor to consider when choosing between embroidery and printing is the quantity you need. When you need bulk amounts, printing seems cost-effective than embroidery. However, the difference is not much. How much you spend depends on the fabric you choose. Cheaper materials suits printing than embroidery. As such, you will find lesser cost involved for prints.


Both embroidery and printing have their advantages and disadvantages. At the end of the day, they help take your branding efforts to the next level. Which one you choose between the two depends on your need for customized clothing and the finish you want.

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