Birmingham driving school — Driving a new car requires special attentiveness – here’s why!


Driving a new car requires special attentiveness – here’s why!

Getting a new car isn’t just about fresh smelling upholstery and carpets and a shiny new exterior; there’s this large investment to consider too that went in for buying it. You may be boasting about your newly bought companion in front of your friends, but your heart may be fluttering thinking of the ways to care for it perfectly! Obviously, no one desires to pay for repairs or dents on their new car. And even the pain that follows after even a small scratch can be depressing.

We know you are probably treating your new car as a newborn baby right now. Of course the experience of driving a newly bought, advanced model car and an old one is quite different — and the new version does demand extra care from your side. That’s why we suggest you to sharpen your driving skills in the best possible way by taking a quick crash driving course from Just Pass Birmingham Driving Academy.

 This driving school offers you a very good knowledge of driving all sorts of cars in the best way and even teaches you handling the newer cars properly.

Ø  Must follow tips to drive your new car better!

Everything that’s new requires special attention and care, and a car never stays behind in that aspect. Apart from maintaining your vehicle perfectly, you’ll obviously have to take proper precautions even when driving it. Your older car and the newer one won’t be the same, and therefore it takes quite some time to get acquainted with the new car. Though you’ll have to be a little slow in adjusting to this new automobile, but the wait is surely worthy. So, let’s read about these tips which would help you get used to your new car better:

o   Accept the difference— Remember the basic rule — no two cars are the same. Especially the one which was of older technology and your newer advanced car can never be the same. Accept the difference and concentrate more on getting used to this technology (rather than missing the previous feel).

o   Handling wouldn’t be the same — Your new gears would feel a little bit more firm, your steering wheels a little new and even your wheels would seem a bit strained. This is due to the fresh oil in the tyres which take time to ease off, and also the virgin components of the gears which do need some time to get free and easy.

o   The slow the better — We know you’re almost on cloud nine and too eager to zoom in your new car. But, the slower you are to get adjusted to the vehicle, the better your future would be with it. You don’t want to crash on your very first journey in it, do you? So, try reading its motions and working slowly to get a smoother start.

o   Study the speed and average — Though you may be well aware of your car’s average and speed, but it’s recommended to check the same personally after you get your hands on it. This would improve your driving experience and also help you plan your journey and fuel consumption better.

So, now that you have read all these tips to drive and get acquainted with the new car better, we hope your newly found friend stays at your side for years to come, completing hundreds of happy journeys together!

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