5 Instagrammable Locations In Bali


For those of you who are social media active, to have a collection of aesthetic photos to decorate your feed, you must know the following information about Instagrammable locations and selfie spot Bali!

The Pedawa Hobbit Fort

Kubu Hobbit or Hobbit Fort in Pedawa features many hobbit houses. This tourist destination is built from woods and twigs measuring 6 x 2 meters combined with a garden arrangement filled with beautiful flowers.

Also, you can witness several unique cultures and traditions such as the traditional megangsingan (Spinning Top) game, sanggah (Sacred Building) that can be found in every house and the typical culinary of Pedawa Village such as Sate Keladi.

Uluwatu Temple

This temple is located on a cliff jutting into the sea so that when visiting the temple, you will see a beautiful sea view, with the magical atmosphere of an ancient temple.

The scenery is as beautiful as if you enjoy the sunset on the famous beaches of Bali, which are filled with tourists. It is very suitable to be used as an Instagram photo spot because the beauty of Bali will be seen when taken from the top of this cliff.

Many hotel Jakarta offer a ‘feels like Bali’ theme for those of you who haven’t been able to go to Bali. These include La Boheme, Swissotel Jakarta, DoubleTree by Hilton, Shangri-La, and many other hotels.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills

This hidden location of Wanagiri makes anyone even more curious to visit. After arriving at this place, visitors will be hypnotized by the view of the highlands of the mountains, the beautiful green trees and the stunning views of Lake Buyan and Tambilangan.

This beauty is perfect to be captured and shared to your social media followers. The entrance ticket to this unique selfie spot is also relatively cheap, only 10,000 IDR.

Tegal Wangi Beach

Bali is famous for its exotic beaches. Tegal Wangi Beach is no exception. The sunset view from this beach is also very charming. A perfect addition for your social media feeds.

If you walk to the south of the beach, a natural rock pool is always filled with water when the waves come. Many tourists soak in this rock pool and, of course, while capturing the moment. Because the existing stone pool also looks very aesthetic.

Big Garden Corner

This park is located in Sanur, not far from the center of Bali. Big Garden Corner is filled with rock sculptures and art spaces. Not to forget there are also wooden tunnels, swings, roads with colorful umbrellas as its roofs and many other exciting photo spots.

From stone statues of Hindu Gods and Goddesses, Balinese cultural figures such as Barong and Rangda to a 5-meter high replica of Borobudur temple can also be found in this park. There are also many Instagram photo spots decorated with colorful flowers.

Who’s ready for a photo-hunting? Let’s prepare your camera and ticket to Bali!

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