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Why You Should Avoid Sun Screen Contouring

Sun Screen Contouring

Everyone loves a well-defined contour. Done right, contouring can enhance the best features of your face or even change its shape. Yet, the reality is that contouring is purely a make-up technique so whatever gains you experience from contouring are washed away, leaving your face the way it always was. Yet, this hasn’t prevented contouring from being a big hit on TikTok. Indeed, many TikTok beauty influencers have found ways to make skin contouring more permanent. In this article, we will discuss this technique, known as “sun cream contouring”.

Sun cream contouring first became popular when TikTok user, Eli Withrow, posted a video of herself demonstrating the technique. In the video, she explains how using the technique will allow a person to have a contoured face for months. This is achieved by applying a base of SPF30 on your face, and after that, SPF90 on the spots you’ll later apply highlighter on. She believes that the technique will cause your face to be contoured when the summer sun hits the area where you’ve applied bronzer, leaving you looking snatched for the summer.

The video has become a TikTok sensation, garnering over 1.9 million likes, and over 41,600 shares. It has been viewed by more than 12.9 million people. The comments section is filled with all sorts of comments. Some people seem puzzled, even horrified by her technique. One user commented, “Orrr stay out of the sun and don’t age”, while another wrote, “you’ll just age and burn in the the spots without sunscreen please use spf everywhere omg”. Other users seem to approve of her technique, with one user commenting that, “I wanna try this now”, while another wrote, “While we living in 2020 this girl living in 2037 lmao”.

Needless to say, many people have tried the technique, much to the dismay of skin care experts, who have warned people not to use the technique.

The biggest flaw of the technique centres around its selective application of sunscreen. By applying sunscreen in select areas, the technique leaves the other parts of the face exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is why we are always advised to apply sunscreen everywhere.

The result may be that you develop sunburn or even skin cancer. The risk-reward ratio just doesn’t make any sense. In pursuit of a certain look, you risk falling very sick.

People with skin type I, II or III on the Fitzpatrick skin type scale, in other words, people with light skin, are especially prone to getting sunburn. Another risk is that a person’s skin suffers long-term damage. You see, even the barest exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can accelerate the ageing of the skin and the formation of wrinkles and dark spots.

It’s better to use makeup to achieve contouring, rather than selective application of sunscreen. The effect may be transitory but at least it doesn’t leave you exposed to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Contouring is not worth the price of skin damage or skin cancer. Many people believe that a tan is a good thing, but it is actually a sign of skin damage and it can be irreversible.

You are much better off getting Solarium spray tanning, which is perfectly safe and healthy. Stick to make-up if you want to look snatched and take good care of your skin.

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