What Should You Do When Locked Out of Your Car?

Woman Locked Car And Forget Keys Inside

Brisbane is starting to work its way to become one of the best cities to live, in Australia. The warm and vibrant city is making a name in culture, art, technology, and transportation, but the real estate prices remain relatively low. Its residents, often called Brisbanites, enjoy sunny weather most days of the year. It also has relatively mild winters, making road trips to some of the most popular nature parks like D’ Aguilar National Park and Mount Coot-tha Reserve enjoyable all year long.

But there are times when in the middle of a fun road trip, incidences like locking yourself out of your vehicle happen. It usually occurs when you and your companions become too excited to check out the beautiful spots, maybe on the way to your destination, and forget to take the keys from the car. But you do not have to panic if you find yourself in this situation. There are many expert automotive locksmiths in Brisbane who are often available to the rescue.

If you are locked out of your car, here are several pointers that you must always keep in mind.

  1. Ensure That Kids or Pets Are Out of the Car

If you are travelling on the road with very young children or your pets, you must ensure that they are not inside the car when you get locked out. As much as possible, you must keep them close to you at all times and never leave them alone inside a car, even for a short while.

According to experts, the parked car’s temperature can be 40 degrees Celsius hotter than the temperature outside. This incident can cause various life-threatening conditions to kids and pets, including heatstroke, rapid dehydration, suffocation, and even death. In case the child or pet gets trapped inside the car, you must not wait for any further to break the window to get them out because each second counts.

Look for a Phone

It is ideal to have your mobile phone with you when you step out of the car. But if you also left it inside the car, you must look for the nearest phone booth to call for help. You may call someone from your home who may have access to your duplicate key and ask them to bring the keys to your current location.

You may also choose to reach out to your insurance company to ask if there are any roadside assistance that they can provide for your case. They may send someone to fix your lock as soon as possible.

Call the Experts 

If you have no access to your spare keys or if your insurance provider has no immediate staff near your location, you may need to call an expert automotive locksmith in Brisbane. The experts can provide emergency locksmith services for these situations.

Most of these service providers offer round-the-clock services, including new car keys, broken key extractions, and replacement car keys. Some of them also provide truck opening services if you keep a spare key inside the trunk. It is the reason why you must always keep the contact details of a trusted automotive locksmith in Brisbane so you can have someone to rely on during these times.

Getting locked out of your vehicle during a supposedly fun road trip can be a hassle. But if you know what to do and maintain a clear mindset when these incidences happen, you will be able to resume your exciting trip right away.

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