Top Security Tips For Keeping Your Van Safe

Van Safe

When owning a van, it’s crucial to consider how to keep yourself safe from thieves. Since your van may be your source of income, it’s critical to consider all of your options for protecting it, starting at the outset.

Ensure you choose a safe van

When buying a van, avoid getting sucked into the extras. Sure, features like heated seats, additional speakers, and iPod compatibility are great, but don’t compromise security for them.  Verify the additional options available, such as deadlocks, immobilizers, and alarms. Think about whether you actually need rear glass doors. Although they can be useful for visibility, this is also a drawback. One of your van’s most important design decisions should be to reduce the number of entry points. Getting a tracker is also a wise precaution in case the van is stolen.  It’s possible that adding these to your van will lower your insurance premiums.

Empty your van

It is advised that you remove any items from your van at night if you don’t store it in a garage to ensure everything is secure. Even though taking everything out of the van might take some time at the end of the day, consider the time and effort you would have to spend in replacing your tools, equipment, and products, not to mention the potential loss of business. Notifying your insurance provider that your van will be unoccupied at night may result in price reduction.

Analyze the catalyzer

Vans’ higher suspension than that of other cars makes it simpler for thieves to access the catalytic converter underneath the van. Since they are filled with valuable metals, thieves are drawn to them. A number of businesses sell anti-theft devices on catalysers for various van kinds.

Use your security

You probably already have a few extra bells and whistles installed in your van. If so, be sure to use them. Examine your handbook to learn how to use these features, and take the time to learn all that your van has to offer. Even if you’re just stopping by the house for a quick visit or doing something as simple as locking your van when you go into the garage to pay for gas. Thieves are opportunists by nature. They only need to spot an opening to take advantage.

Keep a record of what is in your record

Maintaining an inventory of your van is a great idea in case something goes wrong. This can shield you from employee theft, and in the worst case scenario—if your van is broken into—you will have an inventory sheet to use as proof of insurance. You can even mark your belongings with a system similar to a watermark, which will register your valuables on an online database. One should consider van security to be an investment. You might be able to save money, time, and even your company with it. Make sure you are aware of the latest measures to prevent theft and conduct thorough research beforehand.

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