Top 3 Mods for Yamaha FZ-07


No matter how long you’ve been riding, your bike probably deserves an upgrade. From the guts of your machine to all the external accessories you can imagine, your Yamaha FZ-07 has more potential for power, control and style than you might realize. There’s a wide variety of cheap motorcycle aftermarket parts available for everything from a simple tune-up to a full-body overhaul, but how do you know where to begin? While you’ve got limitless options to choose from, there are some mods that are a great starting point that are essential for any Yamaha rider. Here’s a guide to the Top 3 Mods for Yamaha FZ-07.


The most important thing to remember when customizing your bike’s exhaust is what kind of mod you’re using—slip-on exhausts are more or less a muffler replacement that take extra weight off of your ride, while a full overhaul replaces all the exhaust system’s components and gives you a horsepower boost. No matter which you choose, a new exhaust is one of the most instantly recognizable mods for your bike for a number of reasons:

  • It helps your engine perform. While they do their job of cleaning the combustion fumes out of your engine, stock exhausts can sometimes restrict your machine’s power. Many aftermarket options help open up your bike’s airways, ultimately helping you gain horsepower on the road.
  • It sounds great. Stock exhausts have a bad rap for making your bike sound more like a scooter. The right aftermarket exhaust will make your ride sound positively beastly.
  • It looks cool. The other most noticeable improvement of from an exhaust upgrade is, of course, the aesthetic. Most aftermarket exhausts look pretty cool, and it’s easy to find one that perfectly fits your style.

LED Blinkers

You’re using your lights and blinkers almost everywhere your ride takes you, so investing in some quality LED blinkers is a great way to make yourself more visible on the road. LEDs are brighter, more efficient and last longer than traditional bulbs, and making the switch is one of the simplest mods you can do. Not only that, but tons of websites carry a huge selection of Yamaha motorcycle parts online, meaning your options are nearly endless!

Tail Tidy

Let’s face it—the stock fender in the FZ-07 isn’t the sleekest part of the bike. It’s big, bulky and looks kind of out of place hanging off the back of your ride. Fortunately, you’ve got plenty of options for fender eliminators and tail tidies that can really clean up your bike’s look. The best part? Tail tidies will keep your blinkers and license plate mounted without the need for a large scale body overhaul. If you ever choose to go back to the original fender, you can find most Yamaha FZ-07 OEM parts online, meaning you’ll have easy access to your bike’s original parts.

Whether you’re a brand new rider of have seen more than a few winding roads, your bike should be tuned up and customized to perfectly fit your riding style. There are limitless options at your disposal for making your ride completely unique to you! Start building your dream Yamaha bike today!

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