Comfort is Key: Semi Truck Cab Accessories for the Long Haul

Semi Truck Cab Accessories

Long haul excursions can call for serious endurance and stamina. It may be possible to make these trips more comfortable by investing in the right cab accessories for the way you prefer to drive. From replacement seats, Peterbilt seat covers and upgraded armrests to window screens, premium steering accessories and security technology designed with the unique needs of truckers in mind, here are five key accessories to increase your comfort on long hauls.

1 Improve Your Seat

You put in long hours behind the wheel, sitting in a seat. A replacement OEM-style or upgraded aftermarket seat made to fit the make and year model of truck you drive long distances can make a world of difference. Semi truck seats with advanced comfort features such as air suspensions, floor risers and wide cushions make putting in long hours more comfortable. Some models are even designed to recline during breaks or at the end of a long stretch.

2 Install Window Screens or Use Shades

Drivers have many options for blocking bright sunlight while behind the wheel. Depending on your budget and preferences, you can select a truck window screen or shades designed to fit a particular make and model of rig. More universal designs sold by make such as HeatShield shades for the windshield and side windows can shave up to 25 degrees off of the interior cab temperature.

3 Eat and Sleep Better

Accessories and upgraded cab components can only go so far when it comes to staying comfortable on the long haul. Bringing along ways to cook or at least store food at safe temperatures can go a long way toward balancing your nutritional needs while on the go. In addition to a cooler or portable 12V refrigeration unit, you might also want to consider an upgraded mattress designed to meet the unique needs of long-haul drivers.

4 Add Premium Cab Accessories

You may not realize how important the look and feel of a cab can be when it comes to comfort. Even if you have a comfortable seat, gel or memory foam cushion, and refrigeration and cooking solutions right there on your rig, accessories such as replacement or upgraded armrests, shifter knobs and even a new steering wheel can provide the special touches needed to make a cab truly comfortable.

5 Upgrade Your Tech

Technology can help you stay connected, entertained and informed on long drives. In addition to the smartphone, tablet, laptop computer or any other devices you take on the road, you may want to consider audio-visual solutions available for monitoring and securing your rig, cabin and cargo or for obtaining GPS directions. These cameras and devices make more peace of mind possible, regardless of the route.

Select the right accessories for any rig by factoring in the routes you drive and your needs and preferences on the road. Once you start to take measures to make your cab more comfortable, you may not want to stop. Replacing a single major part or investing in important upgrades such as Peterbilt seat covers can enhance your driving experience over the long haul.

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