Top 3 Big Rig Accessories for Winter

Winter driving

Winter driving is dangerous for any vehicle, but can be particularly difficult in a big rig. Whether you’ve been driving in winter weather conditions for years or just hitting the snow-covered roads for the first time, consider investing in these top three big rig accessories today. Prepare to shop online for the best deals on snow tires, Peterbilt 379 headlights and more.

Snow Tires

An essential first buy for your truck is a set of snow tires. These rugged tires are designed to give you maximum grip in even the worst snow and ice. Snow tires have aggressive tread, which may reduce your fuel economy. Don’t drive on your snow tires in all weather conditions, or you may wear them out quickly on a dry, hot road. Instead, swap out your tires in the winter for the best driving performance all year round.

For even more traction and support, consider snow chains. Removable snow chains offer even more traction to your high-quality snow tires. They’re popular in particularly rugged environments. Whether you’re cruising over mountainous snow-covered roads or deep drifts in northern climates, snow chains can be a welcomed addition. Of course, they aren’t also recommended or even allowed, so check your route to see whether you should include snow chains or stick with reliable snow tires.


Another key winter truck accessory is a winterfront. These specialized covers protect your grille from the worst weather conditions. Freezing winds and thick ice can harm your engine. Cold starts can cause engine damage, and driving in freezing conditions can decrease your fuel economy.

A winterfront is a thick, protective mat that is designed to fit your exact grille. Be sure to shop for winterfronts that fit your make and model of big rig. While you’re at it, search for stylish options to personalize your truck and keep it looking great all winter long. An improperly sized winterfront won’t provide the protection you need, so shop for one that matches your truck.

Floor Mats

Tracking in mud, slush and snow all winter long can really do a number on your floorboards. New floor mats are removable, durable and protect your truck from anything winter can throw at you. Once your interior is covered with dirt and snow, simply remove your mats and wipe them off to restore your new, comfortable interior.

Choose iconic mats that show off your favorite style or pick a set that matches your current interior. Removable seat covers can also protect your interior from water damage from all the snow and ice you track in day in and day out. At the end of a long haul, keep your truck’s interior maintenance hassle free with removable, washable covers.

Shop Online for the Best Sales

From premium winter tires to affordable Kenworth seat covers, shop for the best deals and discounts online. Select shipping options that deliver your winter accessories before the snow falls or before your next long haul. Don’t let a little snow leave you sliding around the road or ruining the interior of your truck, but enjoy comfortable, confident driving all year round.

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