Tips for HR: Gauge candidates by their body language

Tips for HR Gauge candidates by their body language

Body language, especially for the candidates, is pertinent to whether they will be hired or not. As a recruiter, it is one of your duties to carefully read the person. The mouth might lie but the body language always tells the truth. 

During the interview, it is pretty general for the candidate to feel nervous and speak gibberish. The recruiter is well aware of these points and ignores them as and when needed. However, other factors require your attention. A study states that effective communication involves,

  • 55% is the body language
  • 7% of the words spoken and
  • Whooping 38% is the tone of voice!

So, you know, body language contributes to most of the communication. A recruiter needs to specialise in the art of non-verbal cues to ensure a quality hire. The expertise from this field is easy to find if you wish to learn more about this art. 

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Here are a few more pointers that you need to pay attention to,

The walk and the talk

A person creates an impression within the first seven seconds of the meet. Observe your candidate right from the start – How do they walk to the chair? Does it look confident or sluggish? If they’re sitting at the edge of their seat, it’d mean that they’re nervous.

The way they talk while sitting also matters. The candidate who sits straight and leans a bit forward shows their confidence and comfort during the interview. A fidgety and restless person would not understand the personal space boundaries and might lean too forward in the recruiter’s face. And, the one who lifts both the shoulders while talking is the one actually speaking the truth and not making things up.

The hand movements

It is quite natural for any person to use their hands while speaking. On one hand, it is the creative side of the brain that lets you use your hands. And on another, it accentuates the words the candidate wishes to highlight. 

Consider it negative body language if the candidate overdoes the hand gestures. Finger-pointing or any other display of authoritarian body language is considered a big red flag! Crossed arms are a sign of disagreement or defence. Another explanation is that they feel insecure. One can only decipher it better depending upon the conversation and environment all around.

The eye contact

A confident candidate looks right into your eyes frequently. Seldom does she/he avert the contact only when they have to think or recollect. Experts confirm that avoiding eye contact is the first cue for dishonesty and deception.

However, introverted or shy people might also avoid eye contact because it is their very nature to do so. As a recruiter, you will have enough leads already to figure if the person is shy or just trying to bluff their way to employment. 

Final thoughts

Body language is the fundamental recruiting technique. By being assertive and vigilant can you find the right fit for the team and the company! 

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