Tips for effective direct mail marketing in the time of COVID 19


The world is on its knees with coronavirus, and it’s a deadly global impact. As much as distressing is the increasing number of correction cases, the world economy has hit a new low, which is especially breaking the back of small businesses that are at the mercy of regular income. In this trying times, there is no doubt that digital marketing is at surge, but what companies might be overlooking are the benefits of direct mail marketing.

Before we proceed ahead, you need to know that WHO and CDC have declared that no coronavirus transmission is not possible through the newspaper, four-color printed letterhead, magazines, letter, and other such packages.

Let’s move to some useful direct mail marketing tips that you can leverage form in this time of unprecedented crisis:

Make the most out of data right now:

Use the current data and the customer’s shopping pattern for proper segmentation and strategy personalization. Many factors will affect your direct mail marketing at this time, such as age, gender can help your business focus on the right product to promote to the right audience.


You might be wondering- promotions at this time? Won’t this be insensitive? What you need to know here is that despite the current situation, consumers are looking for predictions to add value to their lives and focus on promotion now more than ever.

Print ahead of time:

You can never predict the feedback the promotion will receive and hope soon the sale will start or expire. What is the best solution here? Print 4 color printing letterhead in advance and leave space for promotion and expiration detail on the back.

Design model based on recent activities:

Focus on your customer’s buying pattern and segment and design a model that drive customers towards your business.

Go for small creatives:

The need of the hour is quick to turn around cost-effective time. Create small format original, leaving images to be generic so that they can be swapped as and when required.

Plan a mail:

Educate, entertain, and inspire potential buyers by writing pieces that can help the people in this trying time if your product or service in any way can help the customers in COVID 19, highlight that without looking like you are capitalizing on the pandemic.

Don’t capitalize on COVID:

It would be morally wrong to try to leverage from the situation the world is facing right now. Put out a message that empathizes and gives the customer hope and assurance that we all are in this together, and we will get out of it soon. It’s a sensitive time and dramatizing the situation will drain all your direct mail marketing efforts.

Optimize the circulation mix:

Don’t just focus on the active buyers who are adding to your sold list. Implement digital customer relationship management and print for your prospective customers.

Always about the customer:

The four letters of painting colored should be about the customer and not boast about your company. Selling won’t work in this time or ever, but forging and fostering a connection and adding value to the lives of the customer will have a massive impact on your audience base this time.

Shared mail:

Find new customers by utilizing leverage package inserts over customers that are actively purchasing. Collaborating with other brands and splitting the mailing cost can help reach out to more customers.

It’s always best to consult a professional service who know, and one with experience in helping businesses gain a competitive edge over others with well-designed and executed developed marketing strategies in which four color printing letterhead and other elements play a crucial role in engaging and retaining target audience.

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