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The Difference Between a Vertical and Horizontal Slow Juicer

Slow Juicer

There are so many amazing kitchen appliances that make everyday living a lot simpler. But when it comes to purchasing a juicer, well so many options are likely to create confusion. Juicers are available in a horizontal pattern and the vertical pattern. The models of vertical juicers often are new over the horizontal ones. But later there are also some of the advantages associated with it. For those who are stuck up between the horizontal slow juicer and the vertical one must first clear what both these juicers are and why they have gained so much popularity.

The difference says it all:

Juicing speed

The vertical masticating juicer comes with the advantages of masticating and centrifugal juicers. Thus, it offers a one-stop solution for all concerns. The centrifugal juicer is popular for creating juice at a faster pace. But when it comes to masticating juicer well, it offers a good quality altogether. In the case of the horizontal masticating juicer, they tend to be slow. It is crucial that a slow juicer works so there is prevention against the oxidation and the enzymes and vitamins during the whole process stay intact.

Juicing Leafy Greens

Those who love to drink green leafy juices such as spinach, wheatgrass orchards can certainly go for the horizontal slow juicer. The reason is quite simple, it can give the juicing of such greenies in a much better way. When it comes to masticating juicers that have a vertical pattern, well often there is a struggle with green leafy and sometimes the models may have the leaves stuck up which eventually gets wasted too.

Other Uses

The horizontal slow juicer comes with a variety of attachments for mincing, juicing, creating a pasta noodle, and even sorbets to name some. It is also possible to buy some additional parts such as extraction of the oil and salad slicer with it. But the vertical slow juicer has limited attachments which the person needs to work.

It is obvious for individuals to have a budget but when it comes to the advantages available no one would want to compromise with it at all. In that case, certainly, the right option is the horizontal masticating juicer, it is innovative, cheap, and can offer an amazing solution of juicing to enjoy as well. It does not matter whether the horizontal is the option or the vertical one, what matters the most is which type of model and the brand is being chosen. Since the competition has increased, it is always better to compare the features, price, and model and then only make the decision on the same.


The final decision should entirely depend on the requirements that an individual has got from the juicer. To come up with juices with a wide choice of products may seem easy. But when it comes to making the final choice that offers not just better taste but good speed and all possible nutritional qualities, it becomes a challenge and hence carefully all pointers should be considered.

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