Signature Bohemian Accessories To Give Your OOTDs a Much-Needed Upgrade

Signature Bohemian Accessories

Since time immemorial, the bohemian trend is synonymous to everyone who wants to live an unconventional, carefree lifestyle. While it has a long and colorful history dating back to the early 19th century, the contemporary bohemian fashion is now mixed with other trends like rock, folk, and lace and form the “boho chic.”

This style has become a staple in most popular outdoor music festivals like Coachella in the US and Beyond the Valley in Australia. Those who want to achieve this look wear clothes with flowy fabrics or loose fashion pieces in neutral shades. Some also add a pop of colour to their overall ensemble by putting on different types of bohemian jewellery pieces.

If you plan to pull off the bohemian look, here are several jewellery suggestions to complete your outfit.

Fringed Necklace

One of the critical elements in the modern bohemian trend is the fringed necklace. The fringes are generally present in most boho-inspired accessories to finish off the look. It usually acts as the decorative portion of the outfit and adds more length to the overall style. Most of the materials used for jewellery fringes include threads of leather or suede or threads of gold or silver. You can wear this bohemian jewellery over your favourite off-shoulder blouses to highlight your beautiful neckline, or wear it on top of your plain tee or tank top to make it your statement piece for the day.

Layered Necklace

Another popular jewellery piece worn by boho fans is the layered necklaces. It goes well with any white or blush-coloured top. This type of ornaments sometimes come with plenty of charms and pendants tied with a long, delicate chain that you can wrap around your neck and arrange it to look like you’re wearing multiple necklaces. You may also mix and match necklaces with different lengths and materials and wear it on top of each other to create the layered look. If you plan to do the latter, the thicker chain has to be longer than the necklace with the thinner chain to balance the appearance.

Gypsy Boho Statement Pieces

While the bohemians and the gypsies are technically two distinctively different sets of people, contemporary trendsetters mix and match their styles and came up with the gypsy-boho trend that becomes one of the preferred looks of celebrities like Selena Gomez, Alexa Chung, Zendaya Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, Nicole Richie and Vanessa Hudgens. These celebrities usually wear at least one statement piece inspired by the nomadic lifestyles. Some use a gypsy statement necklace and pair it with a flowy maxi-dress or cardigan to complete the gypsy-boho look.

Ankle Bracelets

If you want to achieve a unique yet fun boho look, you can add an interesting ankle bracelet to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. These foot bracelets work well if you want to show off your legs and toes to finish off your bohemian vibe. It is also the perfect accessory if you want to look stylish while walking barefoot at the beach. Choose ankle bracelets made with colourful stones to provide an interesting contrast against your skin.

These are some of the most famous bohemian jewellery pieces that you can add to your collection and use whenever you want to imbibe the fun and easy-going lifestyle. You can also add these pieces in your regular attire to jazz up your outfit for the day. It can also help you turn your plain shirts, and tank tops look more appealing. So go ahead and add some bohemian accessories to your jewellery collection for an instant fashion upgrade.

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