Samadhi Zendejas: A Mounting Star in the Film World

Samadhi Zendejas

On 27 December 1995, Samadhi Zendejas was born. She is a Mexican performer and actress who goes by the stage name Samadhi. She played Amaya for the first time on Atrevete a Soar. She is 26 years old. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Personal life of Samadhi Zendejas

Samadhi is presently studying acting at Televisa’s CEA acting school in Mexico City.

She made her acting debut in Atrevete a Soar in 2009, as Amaya, a student. She was also in a relationship with Raymundo actor Alejandro Spitzer. She also provided the show’s CDs with her voice. She was named the best female discovery of the year in 2010.

She appeared in an episode of La rosa de Guadalupe in 2010. Mujeres Asesinas 3 featured her as well. In 2017, Samadhi appeared in 34 episodes of Mariposa de Barrio as Jenni Rivera. She is the eldest of three siblings, which also include Mexican Actress Dassana Zendejas and Adriano Zendejas.

Jorge Coch, the brother of famed actress Jessica Coch, had a love relationship with Samadhi, which terminated in May.

Popular Roles

Samadhi received the Premios TVyNovelas for her portrayal as Amaya Villalba in the Mexican serial Atrévete a Soar. She was well noted for her role as Abril in the film Esperanza del Corazon.

She started performing while she was a toddler. In 2009, Samadhi made her acting debut in the film Atrevete a Soar. From Premio TvyNoveals in 2010, she got a female revelation Award for this performance.  

She has also acted in a multiple short telenovelas and films, the most recent of which are Milagros de Navidad, Enemigo ntimo, Telemundo’s Mariposa del Barri, Falsa Identidad and Rey del Valle. She is an excellent and good-looking actress from Mexico.

Family life of Samadhi Zendejas

Samadhi is the daughter of Antonio Flores and Ana Villa, according to her family. Adriano and Dassana Zenejas, her older siblings, are also professional actresses. Samadhi was also in a relationship with Alejandro Spitzer, an actor.

Facts about Samadhi Zendejas

  • In 2010, Samadhi Zendejas won the Premio TvyNovelas’ Female Revelation Award for her performance as Amaya, a student in Atrevete a Soar.
  • She has been performing since she was a small child. 
  • Samadhi is one of Mexico’s most skilled and attractive actresses in 2009.
  • Adriano Zendejas, his younger brother, is a well-known Mexican television actor, and Dassana Zendejas, his sister, is a social media personality.

Social media profiles of Samadhi Zendejas 

On social media platforms, Samadhi is very popular. On Facebook, she has 1.7 million followers, on Twitter she has 144.9k followers, and on Instagram Samadhi has 4.8 million followers. If you Want to know more about her then visit her social media ID’s which are links are given below: 

IMDb: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm3297357/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/samadhiza/?hl=en

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sammadhi

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@samadhiza_?lang=en

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/samadhizendejass

Samadhi Zendejas is dating?

She is possibly single and has never been married, according to our records. She is not dating anyone as of December 2021.

Relationships: We have no information about her previous relationships. You may assist us in compiling her dating history!


Net worth of Samadhi Zendejas

She is a successful actor who has attained a considerable amount of wealth throughout her career. She has an 18 million$ net worth.

What is the weight of the Samadhi Zendejas?

The weight of the Samadhi Zendejas is 58 kgs or 127 lbs.

What is the height of the Samadhi Zendejas?

The height of the Samadhi Zendejas is 5’ feet 7” inches.

What is the eye and hair color of the Samadhi Zendejas?

Samadhi Zendejas has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair.

What nationality is Samadhi Zendejas?

The nationality of Samadhi Zendejas is Mexican.

What is the meaning of Samadhi’s name?

The meaning of Samadhi’s name is total self-collectedness.

Is she currently dating someone?

Yes, according to the information available on her social media accounts, she is dating Nomar Serrot.

What is the salary of Samadhi?

She earns between $20 and $30 thousand per month.

What are her plans for the future?

Samadhi intends to continue acting and modeling.

Is she the subject of any controversies?

No, Samadhi has no controversies.

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