Liver King Net Worth and Root Analysis of His Income & Fame

Liver King Net Worth

Liver King net worth is a related discussion to the popular social media influencer due to his daring video content in which he eats uncooked flesh & eatables by presenting himself as a barbaric creature. By adopting the earliest ancestor’s lifestyle, he consumes raw stuff that sometimes the audience might consider offensive.

Johnson always wears unique old clothing, giving the impression that he is under civilized evolution and old-fashioned. With millions of fans across social networks, his fame has greatly increased. He shares large sponsorships in supplying artificial supplements for developing body growth, which the audience has often criticized.

King is also known as an entrepreneur as he developed a business interest in marketing in his early days. He has been motivated by business ideas and is still pursuing his dreams today. You may learn more about his way of life and asset development here:

About Liver King

Brian Johnson grew up in San Antonio, Texas, on April 7, 1977. He was healthy and fit and was raised in America. Since childhood, he took a keen interest in earning by trying to sell out candy deliveries and newspapers. Moreover, he worked in the pharma supply chain and got a valuable outcome.

The consistency in his designation and entrepreneurship ideas have created his stable empire with worth in millions. Brian has become more well-known because of his original content that challenges conventions and goals. Ambitious influencers who want to succeed in social fame can get motivated by Liver King’s accomplishments.

King’s Real Name Brian Johnson
Profession Social Influencer & Entrepreneur
Date of birth 1977 (45 Years)
Country America
Liver King Net Worth $12 million
Brian’s Height 5’7’’

Early Years

Other than the reality that Liver King was subjected to terrible harassment at school, something is known about his early years. When he was ten years old, he labored in the summer heat, peddling the San Antonio Light newspaper from house to house.

The pitch was, “I’d like to give you the newspaper free.” “Only the Sunday magazine has to be purchased. If I got the cold shoulder, I used to ask for a glass of water.“

At 12 years of age, he used to work without any wage and asked the people if they could give tips if they liked work. He found telemarketing struggling due to slow typing speed but practiced and tried to polish his skills. After that, he went into pharmaceutical in the medical supply chain, which proved a massive blow for him with (100k) through sales.

Education of Liver King

At Texas Tech University, Liver King Young pursued his studies, graduating in 2000 with a practical science degree focusing on biochemistry. Johnson enrolled in Texas Tech University before discontinuing his studies in medicine to work for a pharmaceutical company. 

He believed inexperienced and younger children would not be allowed or encouraged to earn something desirable. He believed that no one would hire him because he was too young, too little, too inexperienced, or because they already had someone. These were the main challenges for King that he was facing side by side with his education. 

Physical Body Features

Despite eating raw meat, King maintains a muscular physical structure without any additional fat or obesity. His physique is identical to that of the gymnasts and acrobats who wear chest packs to appear strong and active. His physique demonstrates his commitment to health and exercise; he enjoys having a flawless and beautiful appearance.

There are many risks of becoming overweight and obese since he consumes raw meat to promote his flicks and social media posts. But he would rather invest more time and effort into working out to lose body fat. King takes care of his physique with rigorous training since he is concerned about the health and fitness of his physical appearance. 

Liver King Family 

He met Barbara, also known as Liver Queen, in 2004. Her line of work was dentistry, which harmonized their understanding. Before closing it and focusing on Johnson’s fitness businesses and supplements, the duo opened a private dentistry practice. The two children of Barbara and Brian Johnson are Rad and Stryker. 

They had vitamin inadequacies, which Brian observed because of their recurring illnesses and childhood allergies. He improved their health by changing their diet to include organic cattle and other natural products. He is very caring related to his family belongings, and these quotes reflect how he is:

“It is my responsibility as a husband to express my finest and most dominant form because my Liver Queen (partner) is my complementary opposite. If I desire her to express herself to the fullest, it is my responsibility and duty to do the same… Progressing together physically, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually deepens our bond and models sacrifice (striving and hoping for more) to our boys.”

“It is my responsibility to express my finest and most powerful form as a father… to affirm my lads with the depth of difficulties, worth and possibilities so that one day they grow to believe in themselves… so that they become independent monarchs. Creating physical, social, emotional, mental, and spiritual opposition for them.”

What made Johnson well-known?

Liver King’s reach has expanded beyond the boundaries of online interaction to become an all-inclusive lifestyle brand. His business experiences have resulted in a marketable personality that extends well beyond social media boundaries. This thoroughly created corporate identity has opened the door for collaborations with nutrition and fitness companies, requests to speak at prestigious events, and even ambitions to enter the profitable arena. 

His video titles use an intriguing thumbnail to help visitors rapidly become interested in the video’s subject matter. In an online arena with trip and aesthetic vlogs, Liver King’s thinking about video creation is surprisingly daring. Since then, he has appeared in several programs, assessments, and periodicals, further boosting his reputation and raising his net worth.

Liver King’s fame is rising, and his wealth is expected to rise along with it. His unique approach to content production solidifies his position as the preeminent influencer, earning him respect and a sizable cash reward.

Liver King Net Worth & Income Sources

The Liver King net worth has become a significant recognition source, engaging fans and onlookers. The long-winded structure of the influencer’s revenues makes it difficult to pinpoint precise financial amounts. Still, it is apparent that his bold content and increasing following have turned into significant financial success. 

Collaborations between brands, sponsorships, and promotional partnerships have drawn value with a passionately honest branding strategy. His strong internet presence has also opened doors for goods sales, performance fees, and maybe strategic investments in projects that fit with his unique brand character.

His first business premises cost him $2,700,000 to purchase, $2,000,000 to maintain, and $50,000 per month in rent. That rent overextended him and accumulated debt that he was unable to repay. Since he had no money in the bank to meet payroll, he had to find a solution each time it occurred. 

As of 2023, Liver King net worth was a little over $10 million. However, assuming his businesses are appropriately priced, and he owns his homes outright, his projected total net worth is closer to $12 million. He further said that his trademark and health enterprises generate about $100 million a year.

Investment Role and Outcomes

The yearly revenue from the internet domain alone ranges from $3 million & $4 million, with 175,000 unique visitors each month, an average transaction size of $80 (the cost of two vitamins), and a 2% rate of conversion (a cautious estimate). Orders from Amazon might bring in an additional $24 million a year. One element that can be drawn from Liver King’s story is that he invested in companies he supported. 

As a result, he finds it pretty easy to promote these establishments’ services by being himself. The ascent of Liver King from a daring content creator to a prominent figure with a rising fortune demonstrates his excellence. By embracing odd subjects and aesthetics, he has developed a character that resonates with businesses, investors, and spectators. 

Liver King is the founder and the major shareholder of the company. If the typical profit rate for pills is 38%, the corporation probably makes $380,000 in addition to $3 million in profit. Based on highly conservative estimations of income and equity holdings, Johnson’s ownership stake in the firm is valued at about $1 million.

Residential Assets of Liver King

Liver King House owns every luxury, such as a pool, sauna, and steam room. According to the house tour, his property looks to be less plentiful than the $7 million homes and more equivalent to the $4 million properties on Zillow online marketing forum; therefore, let’s suppose that it is worth roughly $4 million. His residential property frequently performs better than farmland, along with the S&P and gold.

Liver King has substantial real estate assets, historically leading to strong short- and long-term success. The actual amount of Liver King’s charitable contributions remains unclear despite the fact that the majority of his assets are personal enterprises and a limited number of homes.

Where does Liver King live?

Brian Johnson and his family live in an 8,300-square-meter Spanish-style mansion in Austin, Texas. According to Zillow Properties, the average value of a property like this is $7 million. Whether he maintains the home or how much he paid for it is unknown.

Estimate Revenue Potential of Liver King?

The fully integrated dental practice center that Liver King and his wife founded was ultimately sold. After leaving their successful dentistry practice, the Johnsons started working full-time marketing nutritional supplements and influence. The best choice is Liver Queen Barbara because she is a dentist. 

Liver King initially operated as a boutique dentistry practice, but he eventually expanded it to provide more dental services, such as orthodontics. These initiatives are based on the concept of “Ancestral Living Style,” which denotes a lifestyle influenced by the traditions of our ancient ancestors. 

To achieve his recommendations, one must push their body to the maximum and follow a paleo diet that only consists of raw animal flesh, bone broth, and liver. In 2010, they sold their dental services and shifted their attention to other business ventures.

Brian’s Plans for Innovative Income Thoughts

He sells nutritional products made from animal organs, such as protein powders. It argues that these pills might reduce users from living long lives. According to estimations from the general public, ancestral pills produce between $1 million and $10 million in sales.

He is a multifaceted figure who recognizes his surroundings deeply and seeks to persuade his supporters. The American actor’s work is highly regarded, and businesspeople and fans who are business-conscious are well aware of his effect. Liver King before and after digital fame has somewhat altered his way of living.

Medicine Man is a nutritional supplement that focuses on mushrooms and was co-founded by Mark Vorderbruggen; it made about $1 million in sales in its first year of operation. Since Liver King is probably only a minor investor in these companies, his equity is assumed to be much less valuable.

Career of Liver

Liver King has urged his fans to follow their ancestral way of living used to foodstuff without cooking too much and mixing spices. His brand recognition Ancestral Living has become a unique and special association of his career, which he promotes through social channels. With his distinctive strategy for content creation, he is achieving a net worth that mirrors the incredibly successful outcomes. 

He began his career as a business marketer when he was a young boy by selling publications and gaining entrepreneurship expertise. Liver King, the dietary supplement magnate, is the owner of several companies, including The Fittest, Heart and Soil, and Medicine Man Plant Company. While the fitness supplement The Fittest sales are less than $5 million, the weight loss supplement company Heart & Soil sales are about $5 million.

So how much money is Liver King net worth? According to sources, Liver King’s estimated net worth is a staggering million dollars. This is credited to his enormous social media following as well as his numerous partnerships and collaborations.

Social Media Accounts

Social presence is one of the main reasons for his quick triumph through social content promotions and fan following. Liver King has official accounts on the most liked social platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and YouTube. Hundreds of followers are joined through Twitter OGLiverKing.

And thousands are connected via the YouTube @theliverking, where daring videos and shorts are available with curious titles and thumbnails. He bravely pushed the boundaries of what was acceptable in the online world with a piece of daring niche that at first aroused cynicism. He transitioned from being a small-niche influencer to becoming a household name because of his commitment to his craft, genuineness, and unwavering attitude. 

King utilizes the TikTok @liverking to interact with the young people who use it frequently and provide them immediate attention. His 4.8 million TikTok fans demonstrate how well-liked and addicted the crowd finds him. Liver enjoys sharing concepts and creative approaches with viewers to pique their curiosity about worthwhile practical exposure. 

On the well-known social media platform Instagram @liverking, where he has thousands of followers, his fan base has grown to 2 million active users. By presenting a variety of strategies and expanding innovative business concepts, he broadcasts numerous TV shows and podcasts on Instagram.

King’s Controversial Events

Liver King has often been criticized by the public and competitor content producers for having repulsive and filthy views due to his savage behavior. His suspected extensive usage of bodybuilding pills for enhancing his physique and building muscle has been rumored. Johnson discussed his severe self-esteem difficulties, which led him to use drugs to enhance his performance. 

That rumors occurred a few days after hacked emails revealed Johnson had been swallowing over $11,000 worth of the growth hormone Omnitrope each month, according to YouTuber “More Plates More Dates.”

Liver King has refuted using steroids because of concern that it may hurt his company, which has about five million followers across social media forums. Johnson’s use of steroids has damaged his reputation as a supporter of an ancient lifestyle. It’s unexpected how these rumors would impact the Liver King net worth.

Liver King’s Quotes

“I don’t give a shit if I change one person’s life,” he said. “I give a shit about changing millions of lives. The narrative we’re faced with today, whatever’s happening mainstream, is not working. I’m convinced there’s a better way to do life.”

Johnson said. “You know what Liver King says? Start with liver, get some really good sleep, move like Liver King, eat like Liver King, shield-like Liver King. Live like the ancestral man, and you’ll have the hormone profile that’s double or triple of the manicured modern man.”

“When you hang out with primitive culture tribes who don’t know how to open a bottle of water or even know what a phone is, you are seeing people laugh more than you ever have in your life,” he said. “In the Amazon, my cameraman was hit with an arrow at his chest during a hunt. He wasn’t injured, but do you know how hard these hunters laughed? They laugh at everything. Everything is so hilarious to them.”

“I’m the first to say that nothing about my past nor present should limit who I’ll be tomorrow, and if I’m the same person a year from now, I’ve catastrophically failed at life. When you know your “why” in the world and when you take massive action, you can become anything… even a King!”

“As the chief executive officer of the Ancestral Lifestyle, it is my responsibility to express my best and most dominant form… because 4,000 people commit suicide every day, 80,000 people attempt suicide every day, and there is perpetual hurt, hatred, suffering, and struggle along this continuum.”

“You got Liver King to talk to you before he came back from Africa. My guy told you no, but did you take that as is? Of course, you did not. People like us, evolutionary hunters, if they have a cause, they will find a way no matter what.”


Liver King net worth and future earnings as a social media personality are what make up the majority of his assets. His character depicts anciently civilized people who were the planet’s first settlers throughout the period of its development. His physique and mentality are eerily similar to that of Vikings and ancient individuals who constantly battled to survive and learned to live defensively.

Johnson is well-known for eating only raw animal flesh, typically known as the Liver King diet. While a few of his supporters find his videos challenging and enthusiastically express their delight, others criticize his tastes and conduct. He has a sizable following on social networking sites who enjoy his content and find it relevant to their curiosity.

His large following on these social modules gives him the courage to take on more thrilling and hazardous exploits like risky sea trips and mass raw food consumption. King has a sizable investment in the business area and sells a lot of proteins for body growth in addition to pills. His direct internet income is expanding due to the public’s interest in him.


How tall is Liver King?

Liver King height is 5 feet 7 inches, with a weight of 186 Pounds.  

What is the name of Liver King Wife?

His wife’s name is alias Liver Queen; she is a career supporter and like-minded soul.

What is Liver King Net Worth?

Liver King’s prospective earnings and total wealth are projected to be $12 million.

What is Liver King Age?

Liver King’s age is 45 years, and he has American nationality.

How rich is Liver King?

Through the scope of his company and earning potential, he is hailed as a millionaire.

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