Reasons To Choose A Certified Breeder

Certified Breeder

When you’re looking for a puppy, you’ll probably come across breeders who claim that they have puppies available or that they’re expecting puppies soon. However, not all breeders are created equal. Many breeders are in it for the money and will sell you an unhealthy puppy without any regard for its well-being.

You should always research your breeder before buying from them so that you know what kind of experience to expect if you decide to purchase a dog from them. It’s important to know that there are different types of breeders, and each one has their own set of pros and cons.

Certified Breeder

When you’re looking for a puppy, choose a certified breeder who is registered with their country’s kennel club or national registry association. These organizations have strict guidelines for breeding dogs, and they require all their members to adhere to them or risk losing their membership status. This means that they’ll be able to provide proof of registration as well as proof of health testing results if they’re required by law in your area.

There are many reasons to choose a certified breeder.

  1. You can be assured that the puppies have been socialized with people and other animals, and that they have been properly vaccinated.
  2. Certified breeders are also considered more reputable than backyard breeders or puppy mills. Their dogs will come with documentation, including registration papers and health records; so that you can see that they’ve been tested for genetic disorders and have received proper care.
  3. A reputable breeder will work with you to find a puppy that fits your lifestyle, not just sell you one they happen to have available at the time.
  4. A reputable breeder will guarantee their puppies’ health for up to two years from the date of purchase (and longer for some conditions). This means if your puppy develops a condition that is covered by this guarantee within two years after purchase, he or she will be examined by a veterinarian at no charge to you, and if diagnosed with the condition covered by this guarantee, he or she will be treated at no charge to you or your veterinarian).
  5. Reputable breeders also include a written contract stating what they expect from you as an owner (vaccinations, training, food requirements) and what they expect from you as an owner (returning the dog if there are problems).
  6. A reputable breeder will show you where the mother and siblings are located, so you can see how they are treated in their natural environment before deciding whether or not to buy one of their pups.

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