Mouthwatering Gourmet Burger Ideas

gourmet hamburgers

Summer is the best time for barbecues and burgers. It is the prime time to take out your outdoor grill and make mouth-watering burgers for the whole family. You could invite a couple of friends and turn it into a party. There is no joy greater than grilling delicious burgers until fall arrives and grilling season ends.

Here are a few ideas to try before your grill goes back into the shed or the attic and summer comes to an end.

  1. Onion ring burgers

Do you want to have the same old burger but, with different toppings? Getting creative with what you put on your patty does not mean using unconventional ingredients. You are free to slap ingredients that usually come on the side and not in the burger itself. One such example are onion rings which are already a popular burger meal favorite. You never know, you might even like them.

  1. Red Robin banzai burger

Have you ever had such a delicious burger at a restaurant that you wanted to eat it every day? Well, if your wallet does not allow you to order in daily, you can always follow the simple burger recipe for Red Robin. With a few simple steps, you will have prepared your own burger. Don’t be afraid to add a few pineapple rings for extra taste.

  1. Blue cheeseburger

You cannot claim to have devoured flavorful gourmet hamburgers unless you have tasted a blue cheeseburger. The ideal recipe for cheese lovers, it combines fresh ingredients and well-grilled patty with better than average slices of cheddar.

  1. Mexican chicken burger

Chicken burgers are quite delicious and popular. However, a grilled chicken burger is out of this in world. Imagine enhancing the taste of your grilled chicken burger even more by marinating it in Mexican spices. Cue the mouthwatering.

  1. Caprese burger

Caprese salad is a heavenly combination of several key ingredients such as tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and basil. Use these ingredients to concoct a burger that is equally delicious and fragrant. You cannot go wrong with a juicy patty and salad toppings. Now sit back and eat your burger in peace.

  1. Turkey burger on a baguette

If you are trying to watch what you eat but, cannot resist grilling a burger for yourself then a turkey burger is the best choice for you. This delicious recipe tells you to top your turkey patty with sun dried tomatoes and caramelized onions. Next, you are supposed to place it on a slice of baguette and munch away.

  1. Peanut butter bacon burger

You have been missing out on a lot if you have never tasted peanut butter on a burger. Though it sounds strange but, there nothing compares to topping bacon with peanut butter. The recipe guides you towards grilling a juicy burger and then slapping together crispy, delicious bacon and peanut butter.

If you know someone who adores cheeseburgers and hamburgers as much as you do, share these ideas with them. You can try even more recipes together and make up your own. Clean up all that drool and start grilling!

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