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Giving Back in Style: The Loranocarter+Hesse Collection


The Loranocarter+Hesse Collection provides an innovative and unique way to give back. Rather than donating money or goods, the collection allows you to donate your time and skills. The collection is made up of a wardrobe curated by Emmy award-winning stylist Loran O’Carter and art director Ash Hesse. Profits from the sale of each piece in the collection go towards funding charitable initiatives around the world that are close to their hearts.

“With fashion as our vehicle, we want people all over the world to feel connected through giving…It’s about using our resources – be it personal style or creative talents – for good causes.”

Loran O’Carter & Ash Hesse

Loran O’Carter and Ash Hesse are the brains behind Loranocarter+Hesse, a new fashion line that gives back. Every piece in their collection is socially responsible, with profits from sales funding charitable initiatives around the world.

Inspired Artistic Vision: The Work of Loranocarter+Hesse

What first caught my eye about Loranocarter+Hesse was their commitment to sustainability. Their clothing is made of organic cotton and natural dyes, so it doesn’t harm the environment when it’s produced or disposed of. They also use recycled materials whenever possible, which helps reduce wastefulness. 

But environmentalism isn’t the only thing that sets this company apart – they also care passionately about giving back to society. For every item sold in their collection, Loranocarter+Hesse contributes money towards charities and causes that are close to their hearts.


This could include anything from supporting survivors of sexual assault to helping refugee children get an education. The result? A fashion line with a conscience! By buying clothes from Loranocarter+Hesse, you can feel good knowing that your purchase is doing some good in the world.

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