Top 23 Alternatives to KickassAnime for Free Anime


KickassAnime used to be one of the well-known free anime websites, attracting millions of visitors worldwide. This site is the best place to go if you’re seeking an anime website where you can view a range of things. You may watch Anime free on the website and all anime episodes are openly available to viewers. People are looking for free anime sites with subs. On the other side, it offers dubbing and subtitles in HD resolution.

What is Kickassanime?

A well-known anime streaming website that provides dubs and subtitles. Most anime videos may be found on this website in HD formats between 240p and 1080p. Additionally, It has a ton more content to offer. The website’s popularity as an anime streaming service can be partly attributed to dubbed anime episodes. 

Popular anime series are available on this site, like Ice Queendom, Shield hero season, Baki, Genlock, Rising of the Shield Hero, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Demon Slayer, Dr Stone, Attack on Titan Season, Jujutsu kaisen, Pokemon sun and moon, Spy x Family, Rick and Morty, and many more.

This is the most user-friendly website for streaming Anime online. The timetable can be seen on the left side of the website if the Anime you want to watch online is no longer available. Additionally, you have the choice of requesting your preferred Anime. You can request an anime video on the website; it will take some time before the video is posted.

As a result, the website offers a valuable service. Pop-up advertisements won’t be accepted. The website has a secure SSL certificate enabled. There are two accessibility options for this website: dark and light. A dark route is an excellent choice if you want to see an anime movie at night. The majority of the videos have acceptable quality, but not all of them do.


Here are some of the benefits that are given below:

  • The streaming service’s summary of each Anime, which includes details on the series’ characters and plot, is one of its best and most useful elements. 
  • Most Anime on this site has English subtitles, though you can also watch dubbed series.
  • Make a free account, look for your preferred content, and use unlimited streaming.
  • This site is also excellent for anyone that wants to stay current on anything. 
  • Numerous forums and polls are available that frequently discuss the latest anime series and events. 

How to access Kickassanime?

It may be accessed quickly and easily. Follow these steps to use this site easily.

  • A good Internet connection is compulsory for desktop computers or smartphones.
  • Select a browser after that, and type KickassAnime into the address bar.
  • On the front page, there are numerous anime series. 
  • At the top of the website, there is also a search box. 
  • Click on your favorite Anime to watch it for free.

What are the most popular Anime on Kickassanime?

There are many popular animes available on this site. Some of the most popular Anime are Oshi no Ko, 4-nin wa Sorezore Uso wo Tsuku, Akiba Meido Sensou, Akuyaku Reijou nano de Last Boss wo, Ao no Orchestra, Ars no Kyojuu, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Boruto, Komi can’t communicate, Parasyte.

Why do you need to look for Kickassanime alternatives?

It is only normal to want to know where you can obtain your anime content if you are a great anime fan, especially if it is free. The website also offers a free platform for streaming Anime. Anime enthusiasts frequently go to websites to stream their preferred Anime. In certain cases, websites provide updates and news on upcoming anime series and free anime streaming. Sometimes, people can connect, talk, and discuss on their chat lines.

What is the best VPN to unblock this site?

Many VPNs are available to unblock the sites, but some of the most popular VPNs are below.

  • Private VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Nord VPN
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • VPN Area

Why is this site so popular?

Even though the fact that KickAssAnime is a free platform makes its popularity understandable, that isn’t the only factor. The success of this site among anime lovers may be ascribed to several factors, including its intuitive layout, available free anime streaming, calendar view, and download choices.

  • The site provides users with the most recent and up-to-date anime content as soon as it airs, and the site routinely updates its database.
  • It also offers subtitles for anime movies. You are in complete control of whether to enable or disable the function.
  • Android users can download this site’s mobile app and stream the show without any interruptions on their phones.

User Review

You won’t find a better viewing experience anywhere else, thanks to KickassAnime‘s quick loading times and excellent streaming functionality. The procedure is simple; just click on the “anime thumbnail” on the website homepage to see information about Anime, which will take you to detailed information about Anime to watch. You can watch every episode of the chosen Anime on the same website.

There are specific anime categories where you can view Anime. Users can easily browse this site on their smartphones because it is mobile-friendly. The website is open and accessible to everyone. Based on 15 reviews and web research, it has a 4.2 out of 5-star rating. The review score is based on user feedback, brand popularity, watching history, and the range and caliber of options available.

Top Best  Alternatives


Anime fans are generally acquainted with Crunchyroll, one of the world’s top streaming services. Only language and productivity are important when viewing a visual stand, and Crunchyroll masters both. The platform does support 720p so that you may enjoy a good viewing experience. 

It also supports episodes with embedded English dubs and subtitles, reducing language hurdles when watching the show. Crunchyroll requires you to register before you can fully explore the website. A well-known online streaming platform that specializes in Asian dramas and Anime. 

It has a sizable and devoted community and offers a comprehensive library of licensed anime content, ranging from classic series to the most recent releases. One of its most distinctive aspects is this website’s dedication to supporting the anime industry by collaborating with numerous anime production companies to deliver exclusive material to its platform. Fans may view the most recent anime episodes as soon as they are shown in Japan, thanks to this, supporting the industry’s producers.

With forums, conversations, and a user-driven rating system, Crunchyroll also has a significant community component that enables users to voice their opinions on anime series and movies. Web browsers, smart TVs, and mobile applications are some platforms accessible to anime fans.


A well-known anime streaming website, KissAnime provides many anime programs that cater to all genres and tastes. You may watch a massive selection of well-known anime TV shows and movies on the website that streams anime for free. This website has become one of the most popular places to watch anime since it launched in 2007. Millions of people use the website monthly to watch their favorite movies, TV series, and anime, and it has a loyal user base. Users can also access anime with English and Japanese subtitles online on this platform.

Due to its extensive selection of anime TV shows and movies, this website stands out among KissAnime substitutes. The website boasts one of the largest online anime libraries, with over 10,000 titles. Kissanime provides high-definition video streaming, English and Japanese subtitles, and a wide range of films. Users of Kissanime do not need to sign up or pay a subscription fee to enjoy their preferred anime series and movies online. 


This website offers a lot of servers that can handle video playback, making it ideal for anyone who wants to watch their favorite Anime without experiencing any streaming issues. The website provides 1080p full HD videos, including a significant collection of English-subtitled anime films and TV episodes. 

Both the series’ dubbed and subtitled anime versions are available on the streaming service Kawaiifu. Additionally, you can hear the music that starts and ends each episode. Although episodes cannot be downloaded, the stream quality is very good. 

It is ideal for anybody looking for a simple approach to viewing their preferred Anime shows online. However, this one has few features compared to other Anime streaming websites, making it less practical if you want something more robust.


Because it offers a wide variety of anime series and movies for free, the website is a favorite among anime fans worldwide. The user-friendly interface of 9anime makes it simple for consumers to search for and watch their favorite series and movies. 

Users can watch Anime in their preferred language on the website because it offers English-subtitled and dubbed versions. Fast streaming and high-quality video playback are 9anime’s most notable characteristics. Users won’t experience lagging or buffering when watching their favorite anime movies or television series. 

A helpful customer service team is available at 9anime to help people with questions or problems. Although it is a well-liked option for streaming Anime, it’s important to remember that the website might not have legitimate and authorized content. Users should use caution when using the website and adhere to local copyright laws and regulations.


A website, 7anime, lets users watch Anime for free. The website offers various anime series and films and is updated frequently with fresh material. Users may access narrative summaries, character biographies, and ratings on each episode and movie in addition to viewing them on 7anime.

The ease of use of 7Anime is one of its many wonderful features. The website is beautifully arranged into sections like “Movies,” “Newest Anime,” and “Popular Anime.” For anime fans who want to view their favorite programs and motion pictures online for free, 7anime is the ideal option. 

The website is also fantastic for learning about new anime series you may not be familiar with. 7Anime is worth checking out if you’re searching for a one-stop shop for all your anime streaming demands.


The well-known anime streaming service AnimePlanet offers many anime movies and television shows. More than 45,000 legal anime movies and episodes from well-known studios like Funimation, Viz Media, and Aniplex are available on the platform. 

Users can access this content for free with advertisements or pay a premium membership fee to stream it without commercials and take advantage of other features like HD quality, personalized anime lists, and extensive filtering options.

The extensive anime recommendation engine on AnimePlanet is one of its distinctive characteristics. The platform offers tailored suggestions based on the user’s viewing interests and history. Network users can interact with other anime enthusiasts, share suggestions for their favorite shows and movies, and search for recent anime releases.

Manga fans may find more than 20,000 titles in the manga department of AnimePlanet, a one-stop store for anime and manga fans. This reliable and user-friendly anime streaming website offers anime fans an amazing viewing experience.


The well-known anime streaming site Aniworld makes accessing a substantial selection of anime programs and films easy. This website is well known for its intuitive layout, fast streaming, and high-quality video. Aniworld provides a huge library of anime content, including classic and modern works, to cater to its audience’s diverse preferences. 

Users can easily find their favorite episodes using the website’s search feature, which provides recommendations based on viewers’ views. Aniworld updates its library frequently so that viewers never miss an episode of their preferred anime series. 

One of Aniworld’s best features is no extra fees or subscription costs. The website is funded by adverts, which could be problematic for some users. However, it is a fantastic substitute for anime enthusiasts who want to view their preferred TV series and films in high definition for free.


The top-notch design of GenoAnime allows users to go through the entire selection quickly. You could be reminded of earlier anime websites from the year 2000 by the Geno Anime website’s layout. You can filter the content on GenoAnime by several criteria, such as anime type, season, and category.

It is now one of the top KickAssAnime substitute websites to visit. This website includes an astonishingly huge collection of indexes to current and well-liked anime programs and movies, including Japanese animation dubbed and subtitled. There are anime films in almost every genre.


Gogoanime is one of the top free anime websites. This website has a remarkably large collection of indexes to current and popular anime series and films, including dubbed and subtitled Japanese Anime. Almost all anime genres are covered.

On Gogoanime, you can always find what you’re looking for, watch popular ongoing series, and learn about new Anime and other seasons from previous years, thanks to its frequent updates and simple-to-use interface. 

Gogoanime is a great site if you’re searching for a location with a sizable anime library where you can binge on all kinds of anime content. Additionally, GogoAnime offers multiple servers for each episode and streams Anime in HD with a robust stream. Downloading Anime for free without registering is another benefit of GogoAnime.


4anime is one of the free anime websites like this. You can use this website without having to register or pay a monthly fee, and it features a simple and user-friendly interface. You can view the cartoons or Anime you like. The fact that this website has a secure server, which allows the user’s data to remain private, is its best feature. Additionally, ad-free streaming spares you from putting up with intrusive advertising.

It is the most secure website that offers free English dub movies. The greatest platform for watching your favorite series is 4Anime, which offers quick loading times, first-rate customer support, HD resolution, and many other benefits. Thousands of dubbed movies are available for download and watching from reliable sources. A great and secure streaming website with HD resolution is 4anime. It is acceptable to use this website in the United States. A thousand Anime shows with titles are available on 4anime, covering every genre.


Animego is well recognized for being one of those anime websites that can be visited with an intuitive layout and gives consumers access to many anime programs related to various categories. The latest movies and episodes of their favorite television shows will be easy for fans to access on Animego, where they will have access to practically every genre. But sometimes, users might become frustrated just because they can’t locate the information they seek. These solutions offer a user-friendly interface in addition to being able to deliver content quickly and on time.


One of the oldest Anime streaming services on the internet is Animeheaven. Since its establishment in 2006, it has offered a free, ad-supported streaming service. The website has a vast content inventory, and new TV episodes and films are regularly added. Users can access more content and watch episodes and movies for free with advertising by upgrading to a premium subscription. In addition to translating manga and light novels, Animeheaven also has an anime store.

For anime enthusiasts who wish to watch their favorite programs and motion pictures online, Animeheaven is a fantastic resource. The website is user-friendly and offers a vast array of often updated content. It is ideal for those on a tight budget because there are no subscription fees or other charges. The website Animeheaven is also fantastic for viewers who want to learn more about their favorite shows; it provides translations of manga and light novels and thorough episode summaries.


Users can access a huge selection of anime content on AnimixPlay. The portal provides access to a huge library of anime episodes and films, including well-known works like Naruto, Attack on Titan, and Death Note, as well as more recent and obscure productions. One of AnimixPlay’s key characteristics is its user-friendly interface, which makes browsing and searching for content simple.

They make it simpler for users to identify their favorite episodes. The portal divides anime content into many genres, like action, romance, and humor. The ability of AnimixPlay to deliver top-notch video streams is another fantastic feature. It ensures that viewers experience their preferred anime series and movies in the highest quality, without buffering or latency. The platform uses cutting-edge streaming technology.


Free anime series are available on the website Anime8. The Funimation website is relatively straightforward. You may quickly find your favorite anime series on this site by typing the title or phrase into the search bar. It provides premium content as well as HD video of a high standard. You can access the premium anime series by enrolling in the “Premium+” subscription. It has a very straightforward interface that is simple to use.

Subtitles are available in both English and Japanese, making it simple to understand the plot. Additionally, Anime is divided into a wide range of categories, making it simple to find a show that interests you. The website is user-friendly and has a modern layout.


Animefrenzy is one of the best alternatives that provide a user-wide variety of anime shows and movies. It offers both dubbed and  English sub animes content for its viewers and has a user-friendly interface that helps you find your desired content quickly. You can watch trending Japanese animation films on this website. 

The rapid menu option in Animefrenzy chooses your content based on user demand. The random button allows viewers to enjoy the remaining content even if they can’t remember what they should watch. Users receive a new series, and show every time they press the random button.

Shows, ongoing, popular, and scheduled parts can all be found on this website. The home page of this website features the most recent films and television programs, and there are numerous American series collections in this site’s library. Numerous anime shows can be found on the website, offering users fantastic user interaction. Additional features available to users include secure streaming, video quality, and others.


A website devoted to all things Anime is called Aniwave. The site provides access to streaming manga chapters, character biographies, and more. Aniwave has been giving anime enthusiasts access to top-notch media. More than 5,000 episodes and 500 manga chapters from well-known programs, including Naruto, One Piece, Attack on Titan, and My Hero Academia, are available on the website.

Weekly new episodes are added, and you can watch ad-free movies with a premium account or stream them for free with ads. Additionally, premium subscribers can access premium materials like HD streams, dubs, and early access to new episodes.


Another fantastic option for fans of Anime who want to watch anime programs online. Users may watch the newest anime series on this free streaming website, including many episodes in many other languages. Movies and live-action are also available. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, anyone can stream any show on this website with just one click. This website doesn’t display ads while you watch the series, so you can easily watch your favorite Anime without interruption.

People can watch Anime for free online at AnimePahe. The website now offers over 4000 anime films and is constantly adding more. Due to its abundance of titles and availability, it is the best website for anime fans. You do not need to pay a membership fee or spend money to view shows as many times as you want. Your friends may view your favorite shows by sharing them on social media.


It is the best online anime website and offers many anime episodes and series. The relevant details regarding the most recent movies are provided on the Animegg website. Users of this website can access particular types of anime content, such as drama, romance, and action, thanks to the website’s filters. For manga readers, this website also offers condensed content and screenshots. 

It’s easy to navigate this website, and users can easily find any content they wish to view, including movies and videos. This website is well-liked by anime fans because the videos are dubbed and subtitled. The most recent anime video was also released on the website. On this website, users can both watch and buy HD anime movies. 


It is a top substitute. This website’s anime and television shows are available in every language and offer both anime and manga content. This website was made with fans of manga and Anime in mind. You may suffer some annoyance if you download videos from this website and see advertisements.

It is the best anime series and offers superior-quality anime videos. Users can explore the most popular anime series and randomly selected episodes to sate their anime craving. Keep in mind that every anime show on this website is available for free. All ages will like this website. But if you kept in mind that this website has a lot of advertisements, that would be helpful.

It is a free online streaming platform that lets users see and download their preferred premium programs for nothing. Each anime series is available on numerous servers on this website, and therefore, users can choose the server where they want to watch their preferred Anime.


One of the most well-liked substitutes, Animeland, offers a variety of ongoing anime shows. You can use this website to find your favourite anime series by using the search box or the categories.

This website also includes animation from Japan and the United States. This website offers free access to anime movies and episodes with dubbing in English and other languages. The website’s goal is clear from the title of its webpage. The website has several categories: humour, action, thriller, romance, and horror.

This is the ideal platform for a user to watch English cartoons, commonly known as animes. You can download and watch anime series from this website without having to register, and it offers a wide variety of Anime that viewers will enjoy.


It is the finest place to watch Anime without being bothered online. All Anime is available for streaming in HD on this website. On this website, users can watch each episode of an anime series. A vast collection of Anime from various genres is available on Animeowl. 

For many fans of Anime, it is an excellent source of enjoyment. Users can watch every episode in their native tongue or with an English dub. The free subscriber always views the most recent videos on this site.

A typical streaming site that allows anime fans to see the seasons of their favorite shows is Animeowl TV. Because the page is probably virus-free, users can be confident that their personal information cannot be shared. On this website, anime fans from all over the world can watch their favorite anime series.


The most well-liked website for streaming and downloading cartoon and anime content is wcoforever. This website offers all well-known anime series, and mobile phone users can also easily access it.

On this website, users may also access movies and cartoons with subtitles. Because all cartoons are categorized, both cartoon fans and website visitors can easily navigate this site. Finding shows and cartoons is made simple by the features of this website. You may also find well-known anime programs and cartoon series on this website.

It is a free website to view and download many funny anime and cartoon series. This website offers many beautiful features that make it easy to use, premium video quality and an ad-free user experience.

When people watch the videos on our website, there is no distortion or pixelation. This website provides various episodes of Anime, drama, action, and comedy films and continuously updated content with the newest films and television programs.


A website called Masteranime provides HD-quality streaming of English-dubbed Anime. One of the complete internet resources for dubbed Anime, the site features over 2500 complete and current anime series. Choosing your favorite shows by genre or rating is simply because of the site’s user-friendly design. A blog on Masteranime offers news and reviews of upcoming anime and otaku culture events.

The abundance of top-notch dubs available on MasteranIME is its main draw. This website is a gift from heaven for viewers who want to watch their favorite shows without worrying about subtitles! It’s excellent for those who don’t have the time to watch every episode with subtitles or prefer dubbed versions wherever possible. There is something for everyone on our website because of the wide variety of genres accessible at Masteranime, which also caters to many different interests!


Kickassanime offers free Anime streaming online. Additionally, users have free access to all anime episodes, and it is the best Anime free website for all anime fans. However, it has the crucial component of HD-quality dubbing and subtitles. It is the best website if you’re tired of watching free anime series.

It is a popular anime streaming service that draws users in with its outstanding features. No matter what kind of Anime a fan prefers, it has the potential to be helpful. Users can get information on Anime on this website, which is simple to use. 

Additionally, the website regularly updates with the newest and most recent episodes. Because this website provides its users with happiness and entertainment, all users can enjoy watching Anime, and people of all ages can have fun and be entertained.


Is Kickassanime safe?

The website has a solid online reputation and may be secure. This website is reliable and free of malware and viruses. When streaming, there are still several suspicious pop-up advertisements. Don’t worry too much! In any case, most browsers have security features that stop automatic downloading. You would be safe if you have never opened a file from the website or clicked on anything.

What types of genres are available on Kickassanime?

Different genres are available on the website, like Horror, Action, Drama, Educational, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and many more.

Is kickassanime legal?

Online Anime can be legally streamed or downloaded from KickassAnime. Some anime fans are unsure of the legality of these online streaming services. The reason is that while some nations have laws outlawing particular behaviours, others do not. 

In many nations, the legality of online streaming services has not yet been determined. Using a VPN might assist if you want to keep yourself safe when accessing websites like Kickassanime, and it will keep your data safe and private.

Is Kickassanime Free to use?

Yes, this online streaming website provides free anime series to its fans.

Is the Kickassanime app available for Android and iOS users?

Yes, the apk version of this app is available for all users. You can download it from the google.

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