Insider Story Of Indian Diplomat’s Outrage Over Asif Jral In Paris


While putting a memorandum in a letterbox outside the Indian Embassy in Paris on the occasion of Indian Republic Day on August 15, the Indian diplomat’s Jammu and Kashmir Forum revealed the internal story of the Indian diplomat’s anger at French President Mirza Asif Jral and his colleagues. Has goneAccording to the incident, the Indian embassy had invited guests to the Republic Day celebrations, at the same time the Pakistani and Kashmiri community led by Jammu and Kashmir Forum President Mirza Asif Jral staged a protest outside the embassy and celebrated at the Indian embassy. Badly affected the Independence Day celebrations.As a result, Indian diplomats kept urging police on duty outside to push the protesters back, in response to which police officers kept showing them Commissioner Paris’ permission, while Mirza Asif Jral withdrew to protest. When they came out, the Indian diplomats became more enraged, so the matter was settled due to the presence of the police, but the Independence Day celebrations could not be held properly due to the enthusiastic slogans of the protesters.

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