Industrial Fencing: Five Precautions to make the Right Choice

Industrial Fencing

It may seem like a simple decision, but surrounding your company / industry brings quality of life and even beauty, not to mention that it is a practical solution that helps ensure the safety of the place. But, in deciding which material to use and how to make it, several factors must be taken into account.

In this post we will give you five important tips to make sure you choose the industrial fencing. Meeting the regulations of NR-12 is one of the main points, not counting the quality material and having an adequate planning. These actions, together, bring protection and health to workers and, allied to this, the increase in productivity.

Tip 1 – Fence or Wall?

The first tip comes to inform you that having a fence, instead of a wall, allows you to see who is outside and you can perceive some kind of risk and take certain measures. The fence makes everything more visible and thus more protected. The wall certainly protects the invader, who enters, stays and hides.

Today, many people opt for fencing due to visibility. In the industry, the practice of using screens becomes simple and effective both in terms of protection and in the isolation of machinery.

But it is necessary to be aware of the regulations that concern worker protection, such as NR-12, which we will talk about later.

Tip 2 – What type of Industrial Fencing should I Choose?

As a second tip, we will talk about the types of industrial fencing. There are not many, there are two models to think about: The physical and the electronic enclosure, where both meet the demand.

The first is made with screens, barriers that prohibit or at least hinder the access of unauthorized people. Electronic fencing is done by sensors used, especially when accessing machinery. The device perceives the presence of foreign bodies and automatically interrupts the operation of a press, for example.

Tip 3 – What Characteristics should I Take into Account?

Our “tip three” brings some characteristics that are important in the stage of choice that must be thought, planned and focused. Are they:

  • The product needs to be modular and transparent for better viewing.
  • Let it be easy to install and maintain.
  • Durable material, light and resistant to impacts and weather.
  • Mainly, that it be 100% adapting to the norms.
  • Find a reliable supplier and guarantee the success of your industrial fencing. Don’t forget that better security and protection improve productivity.

Tip 4 – What should I take into Account when Hiring a Company to Buy and Install?

Quality and durability. In this link you can have important information about these two points, mainly when installing the material.

Beauty can and should also be taken into account, because it is the image of your company that is being shown to the passing public and customers. Did you know that you can customize the color of the industrial fencing? Besides beauty, it creates identity for your company.

Hire a company such as that will offer the full service for industrial fencing, from measuring space to installing the industrial fencing. This way you won’t have to waste time in hiring different professionals.

Tip 5 – Must Comply with Regulatory Standard NR-12

In the fifth and last tip, the conditions must meet the Regulatory Standard NR-12, a fundamental requirement when choosing the industrial fencing.

The Standard includes a main text and 12 annexes that deal exclusively with the entire life cycle of machinery and equipment, this includes transportation, installation, use and maintenance, issues related to safety, training of workers and guidelines that standardize equipment.

Thus, knowing if the contracted company obeys the NR-12 is fundamental for the success not only of the setting up of the industrial fencing, but for the useful life of the material, as the Standard even deals with the elimination of the material at the end of its useful life.

We emphasize that the employer is responsible for adopting protective measures for the employee, thus guaranteeing health and physical integrity. Still, people with disabilities deserve appropriate measures. Improvements prevent or reduce accidents that reduce “headaches”. One action leads to another, motivation increases, sick leave due to accident or illness falls and everyone lives better.

Finally, we still declare that many studies, already tested and proven, show that the more visible a property is, the more protected it becomes, so the industrial fencing has become a practical, simple and very effective solution.

industrial fencing is a specialized company in industrial fencing, which meets all standards and even offers a customized service. In addition to analyzing the location, where you intend to install the industrial fencing, the company’s professionals calculate the desired area for the placement of the industrial fencing.

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