Importance of CBSE Sample Papers in Class 12 Exam Preparation


An essential aspect for Class 12 students is to plan and prepare their exams to secure the best results. Sample papers are one of the best resources one can refer to. Practising CBSE sample papers provides you with an idea about the sample of questions that will be asked in the board exam, which would help students prepare competently. Sample papers are useful resources, which can provide them with all the vital information in the most precise form. These sample papers cover all topics included in the NCERT syllabus, prescribed by the CBSE board. The Central Board of Secondary Education publishes CBSE Sample Papers, every year, based on the latest CBSE marking system and exam pattern.

Key Features of CBSE Sample Papers

  • The sample paper helps students in procuring a summary of the paper pattern, including a variety of questions, such as mostly repeating questions, concise and long answer type questions, multiple-choice questions, marks etc.
  • By these sample papers, students will get to know the weightage of various chapters provided in the syllabus, which is an indication of which chapters are more important from the exam perspective.
  • It covers previous question papers and crucial topics, which are essential from the exam point of view.
  • By referring to these sample papers, you get rid of your doubts and also can exercise additional questions.
  • Solve as many previous year question papers as possible; it provides you with ideas about exams and how questions will be constructed.

Tips to Score High in Class 12 Maths Exams

Class 12 is considered amongst the most important classes in a student’s life. Here, students will get a few tips to secure good marks in board exams. Referring to CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 can help to a great extent.

  • Students can improve their time management skills most effectively, while answering sample papers.
  • Practice sample papers as much as possible. The numerous you solve, the more assurance you will get towards your success.
  • Students should make sure that they go through the syllabus completely. Then, go ahead for more problems in CBSE Sample papers to excel in board exams.
  • Answering the papers will provide outstanding practice for the pupils so they can complete the paper on time.
  • With sample papers, students can prepare for the exam and as a result, they are relieved from exam tension and nervousness.
  • Grading schemes are also available with the sample papers, which help students in scoring marks.

Meanwhile, students are suggested to solve the sample papers repeatedly so that they can score exceptional marks in the exams. These books are widely used by the students who wish to secure high in board exams. Students can get familiarised with solving papers and will be able to face exams more confidently. For CBSE Sample papers, you can visit the BYJU’S website; there you can get the previous year question paper, as well. Hence, it is advantageous if you go through these sample papers and thus, attain good marks in the examination.

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