How Transcribing Videos Can Enhance Content Repurposing and Distribution

Repurposing and Distribution

One of the biggest goals of any marketing team is to increase brand awareness. This can be accomplished by sharing content on different platforms and creating a buzz around your company.

video transcription service is an excellent way to repurpose your existing content and extend its reach. They offer several benefits, including:

Repurpose Your Content

Whether it’s an in-depth webinar recording, a high-performing YouTube how-to video, or a corporate story video that’s getting your audiences’ attention, repurposing is one of the best strategies for content creators. It saves time, helps you stay on schedule, and even improves your bottom line.

Transcripts are a huge asset for repurposing. A clean transcript can create blog posts or articles that add value to your audience and boost SEO. Video transcriptions are also helpful in bringing your content to audiences who cannot watch videos or prefer reading over audio.

Most video content can be easily repurposed to fit your audience’s preference. For example, a webinar recording can be turned into a blog post that includes the recorded content and additional relevant data points to help your audience understand the topic.

For longer videos, you can use the transcripts to produce ebooks and other digital downloads. Make sure to edit the transcripts and include important details such as pauses, music, laughter, and other non-verbal elements that provide context to your video. For added impact, you can also add formatting to your content, such as bold text or italics. Once the transcripts are edited and formatted, you can upload them to your website or social media platforms.

Optimize Your Content for Search Engines

In addition to boosting reach and engagement, posting a transcript with your video can enhance accessibility, making it easier for deaf or hard-of-hearing people to watch your content. Moreover, video captions are a valuable tool for optimizing your videos for search engines since search algorithms cannot process audio files but do well with text-based content.

The more you transcribe your videos and post text-based versions of them on social media platforms, the better your SEO will be, according to a study by Liveclicker. While you can manually transcribe your videos or use YouTube’s automated transcription tool, you can also significantly cut your content creation time by using an AI-powered video transcriber like Sonix.

This software combines AI and Natural Language Processing to create text-based versions of your videos in just a few minutes. Upload your file and select your preferred settings to get started – you’ll have the best video transcriptions in no time. This can make a huge difference for journalists, interviewees, or business owners who must quickly find a specific point in the video. Likewise, it’s a helpful way for students to review their lessons and learn about new information from past presentations.

Create Shareable Quotes

High-quality video content takes a lot of time and resources to produce. Scriptwriting, pre-production, filming, and editing can take months to complete. So, making the most of your investment is important to getting as much value as possible from your video assets. That’s where repurposing your video content comes in.

Transcribing videos lets you transform your video content into written content like blogs or articles. Then, you can share the written content on your blog and other social media platforms. Depending on the length of your video, you can create multiple blog posts from one video. An SEO tool, for instance, uses their Whiteboard Friday videos to create a weekly blog post that’s then shared on their site and social media.

Another way to repurpose your videos is to use them to create teaser content for your upcoming events or webinars. This helps you build excitement, generate leads ahead of your event, and encourage your audience to attend. You can also use video content as teaser content in email newsletters or on social media. Similarly, you can turn your videos into podcast episodes or extract key stats from them to create infographics and social media images that highlight the value of your content to your target audiences.

Reach a Wider Audience

Videos are a great way to reach a wider audience and expand your content marketing. They can be shared through social media platforms and include closed captions for users who cannot hear. Additionally, repurposed video content can be transformed into blog posts. This allows you to include more in-depth information and resources in a format that can be read.

Repurposing your video content into written form can help you achieve SEO goals. Video transcripts can be searched for keywords, allowing your videos to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). In addition, transcribed videos are more likely to be found than untranslated ones. This is because search engines can better understand and categorize the content of a video by reading its transcript.

You can transcribe your videos using an automatic transcription service or download the captions from your YouTube channel. However, this method is time-consuming and requires you to play back your video to identify areas needing transcription. A more efficient option is to use an online video transcription tool that can save you time and money by automatically converting the audio in your videos into text.

Repurposing your video content is essential for optimizing it for the web. Transcribing your videos can make them more accessible for audiences with disabilities, improve SEO ranking, and support your content marketing strategy by boosting the number of new visitors to your website.

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