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How To Tidy Up Your House After Construction Work

How To Tidy Up Your House After Construction Work

After you finish renovating any room in the house or remodeling the entire premise, you might get excited to enjoy the new look. Everyone wants to kick off their shoes, sit back, and enjoy the renewed place. But before you enjoy the new atmosphere, look around to see the dust, debris, and clutter all over your home. And not only the heavy dust but tools, scraps, and other constructional wastes also spread here and there. Unfortunately, this is enough to ruin your idea of jumping instantly on the sofa and enjoying the new house. So before you get at ease, focus on clearing all the dust and debris of your place to make the area mess-free and prevent it from clogging your whole ventilation system and air ducts. After a renovation process, even if the construction company promised clearing clutter, dirt sneaks into every nook and cranny of the area. So, you have to remove it very carefully and precisely. Otherwise, your brand new, freshly renovated house will look shabby and disgusting.

For central cleaning, you can hire professional cleaning services. For other tasks, you can do it yourself or leave it to a professional cleaner’s expertise. Before grabbing your dust mask, read till the very end to learn how to clean all the constructional junk from your place. Also, understand which things you can handle yourself and for which you can call for professional help.

Remove Large and Heavy Constructional Junk:

Post-renovation cleaning is a must, even if it is part of your constructional contract or not. Cleaning is necessary to avoid the spreading of the mess and allowing the house to be presentable. Constructional workers may or may not remove the large piece and then run a vacuum cleaner if paid for it in your contract. However, it usually costs you more. If you want to do it yourself, it will be a hectic and challenging task. It can be difficult because you have to remove all the central constructional wastes and scraps and then dispose of them properly. So, you should better hire professional cleaners to handle the task for you.

You can avail of the services of master cleaners for junk removal in Philadelphia to rid yourself of any junk. They are well-versed in handling and carrying out all the trash and unnecessary items. And also how to clean and deal with fragile material. They can take any cleaning task depending on your contract, from removing dirt and heavy material to cleaning airway ducts and so on.

Check and Replace Air Filters:

Check for air filters as soon as you are done with your construction work. Shortly after renovation, try to remove and clean them. Air filters will trap all the dust particles as they enter air ducts and clog them. Clogged air ducts will disrupt all the ventilation systems. Then you will have to spend hundreds of dollars on renovating the whole system. So, remember to check the air filters often. You can also replace them after every constructional task. Doing this will help eliminate any allergens and other harmful chemicals and agents trapped in the filters.

Dust Your Walls

Constructional dust is no doubt challenging to remove from the walls. You can wipe the walls with a damp towel and then wash it away. For reaching the upper corners, you can wrap the towel on the broom and then move it from one corner of the wall to the other. You can also wrap a tape around to secure the towel in place. Keep a bucket half full of water near you. Wipe the towel soon after you feel it’s full of mud. Otherwise, you will end up rubbing wet soil on the walls. In case you got your walls painted recently, you shouldn’t use any damp material on the walls. You should wait for 15 to 30 days before wiping the borders; otherwise, you will end up damaging the paint or create fine lines on it.


For floors, you should go for high-quality vacuum cleaners. Carpets will be the most difficult to clean because they absorb a lot of dirt from the surroundings. For proper cleaning, you should use a vacuum cleaner with a good HEPA filter. For carpet cleaning, you can also ask for professional services help. Mopping the floors will help you obliterate the dirt after a time. It is difficult to remove all the dirt instantly or even in one day, so regular mopping is always a good idea. It will help you manage house cleaning along with floor cleaning.

Check the material used on the floors and opt for the most suitable floor cleaner for it. Appropriate floor cleaner will help you remove the stain and maintain the shine and quality of material used on the floor. You can ask your installer or supplier for the type of cleaner you should use on the foundation for the best outcome. To learn more about new home builds be sure to visit Carlisle Homes


House renovation is a significant task, after which you expect to give your place a whole new look. However, it can be a lot messy too. You have to work a lot to clean constructional junk and dirt to maintain clean surroundings and enjoy the essence of a new place. We suggest these practical steps you should consider to remove constructional debris from your area. If you don’t feel at ease at handling a specific type of waste, you should allow professionals to work for you. You can learn some DIY cleaning skills for simple cleaning tasks and save some dollars for other purposes.

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