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How To Maintain Your Swimming Pool During Summers?

Swimming Pool

During scorching summers, there’s nothing better than having a refreshing dip in your backyard oasis to beat the heat.

However, if you are a proud owner of a swimming pool, maintain your pool in tip-top shape to have a great time with your family and friends.

Maintaining a swimming pool is not an uphill task. Follow these 5 simple tips and ensure that your swimming can be fun for you all season long:

1. Cover your pool when not in use

During summers, you may not feel the need of covering the pool since you’re frequently swimming.

However, when not in active use or you’re on a long trip, covering your pool using a pool cover or pool enclosure is a recommended practice.

The pool cover or pool enclosure offers much more than just covering your pool during summers. It helps to:

  • trap heat in your pool;
  • reduce chemical usage;
  • safeguard your pets and kids;
  • keep dust, dead leaves, and other debris out of your pool;
  • slow down the evaporation rate; and
  • block sun rays.

2. Follow pool cleaning routine

Cleaning a pool does entail a certain amount of work, but it is not that hard either.

Some of  the pool cleaning tips are:

  • Use a skimmer to remove dead leaves or any debris from your pool
  • Vacuum the pool
  • Scrub and brush your pool weekly
  • Clean your pool filter and pump regularly
  • Maintain your landscape such as trees and plants.
  • Sweep off your pool deck

Without a proper pool cleaning and maintenance routine, your pool may be affected by invaders such as algae, mosquitoes, and birds.

3. Balance pool chemistry

Stagnant water & hot weather stimulate the growth of nasty bacteria or algae on the pool surface.

To keep your pool water safe for swimming, follow a few tips:

  • Maintain a pH level between 7.4 – 7.6
  • Adjust total alkalinity between 80 – 120 ppm
  • Balance calcium hardness
  • Measure total dissolved solids
  • Add the necessary chemicals and algaecides

Not balancing pool water chemistry may put your pool out of use for a while.

4. Add the necessary chemicals

During summers, chemicals play a vital role to keep your pool water sparkling clean and safe.

Some of the important pool chemicals are:

  • Chlorine: This inhibits the growth of microorganisms, reduces the cloudiness of water, and above all, keeps your pool water fresh and clean.
  • Algaecide: It staves off the growth of algae.
  • Metal chemicals: These chemicals prevent rusting in the pool.
  • Stain prevention chemicals: These prevent stains on the walls and sides of the pool.

5. Run pool pump

Summertime is the busiest pool season.

Therefore you should run your pool filter and pump for a longer period to keep your occupied pool clean for not just your family but guests as well.

Even when you notice a sudden rise in the air & water temperatures, run the pump. Plus, running the pump helps dispersing the chemicals added in the pool.

Final Words

No matter what the season is, spending time in your pool is always great.

By following the above pool maintenance tips,  you can easily make the most out of your swimming pool and enjoy a great time during the hot summer months.

Happy Summers!

Learn more about the steps to clean and take care of your home-swimming pool, on this website: www.thehomepicz.com

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