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How to creatively engage children amid Coronavirus outbreak


To stay safe from the outbreak of coronavirus, many of us, both adults and kids, will have to stay at home to avoid contracting it and facing serious health issues. Nobody knows how long we will have to stay at home to avoid contracting this virus, it could be days, weeks, or even months. For families that have children, this means that there will be no outside fun and activities such as visiting the museum or going to the park for a game of catch with their fathers. However, that does not mean that we have to stay trapped at home and get bored with each passing day.

For kids that have their schools closed for the foreseeable future, there are many fun activities that their parents can help their kids indulge in to avoid getting bored and help them stay as productive as possible. Kids are usually used to a routine that they follow at their schools and you as parents can help them maintain that routine at home. It may sound difficult at first, but with some time and dedication, you can help your kids stay safe at home while also helping them learn about science, nature, math or even art at the same time. Fun activities like using wrapping paper for kids to help them wrap things in a proper and orderly manner can help them make things fun even at home. If you are a parent who does not know what to do, don’t worry, as today we are going to share with you some creative activities that will engage your kids at home and make them learn new things while keeping everything fun and interesting. Some of these activities are listed as follows;

Maintain A Schedule

School going kids are used to following a schedule provided to them by their schools. Due to schools closing down, it can be difficult for them to just quit this schedule. A good practice would be to ask your kid about the schedule of their school and introduce it to your kid at home. That way your kid will not have to face an abrupt change in a schedule. Hence they continue to be productive and engaged.

Take Virtual Tours

You might have planned a trip with your family to a certain iconic landmark but had to cancel it due to the coronavirus outbreak, however, that does not mean you cannot take a ‘trip’ to that iconic landmark. You can go online and use Google Maps to look at all the iconic landmarks with your kids while sitting in the comfort of your home. It is as easy as turning on your computer and viewing roads and locations on google maps. Many companies online are also offering virtual tours to different sites and famous landmarks that you can register for and visit while sitting at home. For instance, taking a virtual trip to an amusement park can be a good idea. It may not be as fun and engaging as visiting an actual physical amusement park, but, it can be a great way to pass the time with your kids while keeping everything fun and educational. Similarly, taking virtual tours of sites such as the Yellowstone National Park, the Hawaiian Volcanoes, or even the Grand Canyon is also possible.

Start Reading

The best way to keep your kids engaged and busy is to give them a book and ask them to read it. If you have kids who are young and in their early teens, it would be a good idea to get them some age-appropriate books. You don’t want to hand them books to read which they don’t even understand.

Harry Potter books are great for kids who are growing up as it contains mystical stories and magic which keeps kids engaged and interested. However, during this day and age, reading books in flash and blood form has become an afterthought. A good idea would be to download some virtual copies on a laptop or a tablet and hand them to your kids to read. Services like Audible have a huge online library of children’s books which can be downloaded for a nominal monthly subscription fee. This type of service narrates every text of every book that is available in their library of books, so your kids do not even have to read everything out loud as everything will be narrated in their ears. Grabbing a book and reading it can be a great learning activity for any kids of any age. It will help them improve their vocabulary as well as help them improve their reading and writing skills.

Rearrange And Organize

If you have a room in your house that is a mess and has been dying for rearrangement and organization, now is the time to do it. You can ask your kids to help you with the process of organizing any room in your house as it will keep them busy and occupied for a long time.

Also, to keep your kids interested, it is a great idea to organize your kid’s bedroom. As it is your kid’s space, he or she will happily help you out in any makeover project you would like to apply to his or her room. Ask your kids, to put things that they do not use in one area of the room and things that they use in another. Learning to organize things at an early age will help them keep things organized even when they grow up, as it will become a habit.

Engage Them In The Kitchen

We know that kids make a mess once they enter a kitchen, however, it can be an easy way to keep them occupied and make them stay happy and engaged at home. Eating food is something that human beings do every day, despite the coronavirus outbreak. Some of our kids enjoy something as simple as a peanut butter sandwich, however, it can be a good idea to engage them in helping you make dinner for your family.

The Final Words

As the days pass, more and more schools and businesses are temporarily closing down due to the coronavirus outbreak and the government is advising us to stay away from crowds by staying at home. However, that does not mean that we can not have fun and stay occupied at home until the outbreak passes. Sure, it can be boring to stay at home and do the same thing over and over again, but we can take the same old boring routine and turn it into something fun and exciting.

Learn more about the safety measure you have to take to protect your child’s health, on this website:

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