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How beneficial it is to take RO AMC?


Not completely, but still, RO water purifiers have become an integral part of a home. Scientists have said that time is no far when we will not have natural freshwater resources in the entire world. And, we know the importance of pure drinking water for every human being. It won’t be wrong to say that survival will become difficult if there will be no supply of safe drinking water. That is the reason we have started to treat seawater to make it safe for drinking & other purposes. Even, the technology has become so advanced that we have RO water purifiers that can be installed at our home so that every household can get contamination-free water.

But the problem doesn’t end here, along with water purifier installation, it is also necessary to have regular RO service. Because, if you ignore the service, having water purifier will be of no use, as after some time you will start getting non-acceptable water from the RO. Considering this fact, almost all RO water purifier providing companies have created a contract that customer can take if he/she wishes so. The contract is known as the Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).

What is AMC?

Abbreviated for an annual maintenance contract, AMC provides ease for customers for RO repair & service and makes sure they never forget one. Along with this, AMC also helps in saving the cost of major repairs and even replacement of parts. It is a contract where the customer has to pay a specific amount to the company while purchasing the RO and the company will cover a limited number of services, repair, and parts replacement (depending upon the type of contract chosen) for one year.

There are different types of AMC for RO service & repair that the customer can take according to the budget and choices. Some contracts include labor charges, parts replacement charges, and even RO repair charges. While on the other hand, in some cases you might require to pay labor cost or replaced part cost. All this will depend upon the type of contract you have signed for. Full details can best be explained by the service provider.

Benefits of having annual maintenance contract (AMC)

  • Save money

Taking AMC wisely can save your money on RO service & repair, as some contracts include every cost including the repair, service, and even that of the replaced part. So, in case you experience any big fault in your RO water purifier and luckily you have AMC which covers its replacement, then it doesn’t matter how costly that repair is, you need not pay even a single penny.

  • Convenience

In most of the cases, AMC provider offers RO repair & service to the customer who has signed one seven days a week and even round the clock. So we can say that with AMC, you have the utmost convenience of getting your RO repaired or service as per your ease. You just need to book a service and tell the RO service provider when you will be available.

  • Discounts and offer

To encourage customers for taking AMC for their RO, many service providers offer discounts on purchases, parts replacement cost, and even on exchanges. So, even if you don’t take a premium annual maintenance contract and opt for a basic one, you still will be in profit. Thus, it is advised to sign for the maintenance contract while buying a water purifier and save big on RO repair & service.

  • Complete satisfaction

AMC ensures complete satisfaction to customers, as if you are not a satisfied one, simply call the RO service center and tell them to visit again to solve the issue. And you don’t have to pay anything extra as well.

The Bottom Line

The annual maintenance contract is only to provide ease to the customers who buy the RO water purifier. With AMC, they can save a lot on RO service and make sure that they do not miss even a single service which we can say doing so is not less than a crime. Plus, you will the prioritized customer with AMC and the company will ensure your guaranteed satisfaction. Thus, it is always advised to take an annual maintenance contract along with the water purifier and ensure that you save a good amount of money on RO repair and service when compared to without AMC.

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