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Depending on the design, material, and labor costs, the price to replace your car’s fuse box can range anywhere from $70 to more than $500. If you are planning to fix your fuse box yourself, a reliable set of car fuses is essential for proper maintenance.

The Function of Your Fuse Box 

Powered by your vehicle’s battery, the fuse box serves to protect the electrical circuits in your car from short-circuiting or overloading. It contains a network of fuses, diodes, and relays. Each component has a specific purpose:

  • Fuses – Protect the electrical wiring.
  • Relays – Activate and direct electric currents within a network.
  • Diodes – Direct current flow in a single direction.

The Proper Selection of Car Fuses 

When choosing the fuse for your vehicle you must consider the size, placement, and ampere limit. A fuse is designed to break if the current flow exceeds the ampere limit of your fuse, protecting your car’s more expensive electronics. Along with specific color-coding, the amp limit is typically printed on each fuse. For safety, select a fuse with a suitable ampere limit to meet the wiring needs of your car. Using the wrong fuse could damage your vehicle, so always check your owner’s manual for the proper amperage.

The Types of Car Fuses

Because each car has diverse electrical needs, there are a variety of fuses available. Before buying a fuse for your car, it is important to find out what type of fuse your vehicle uses. There are several styles and types.

Blade Fuses

Blade fuses are the most common style of fuses. They are mainly available in five different types with varying amperage limits:

  • Micro: Amperage rating of 5A to 30A
  • Mini: Amperage rating of 2A to 30A
  • Low-Profile: Amperage rating of 5A to 30A
  • Regular: Amperage rating of 1A to 40A
  • Mega or Maxi: Amperage rating up to 500A

Regular fuses are often referred to as ATO or ATC fuses.


There are two common types of cartridge-style fuses: JCase fuses and Pacific Auto-Link fuses.

A JCase fuse is typically recessed within a female terminal. There is also a low-profile version with shorter male blade terminals. Important facts to know about these fuses include:

  • Amperage rating: 20A to 60A
  • Operational temperature range: -40°F to 257°F

PAL car fuses are seen in both Japanese and domestic vehicles. These rectangular cartridges can be male or female with either bent or straight male terminal fuses. They can also withstand higher temperatures for an extended amount of time. Important facts to know include:

  • Amperage rating of 20A to 120A
  • Clear tops for easy detection of blown fuses
  • Also available in mini and MCASE versions

The Car Fuses, Batteries, and Bulbs You Need

ROGO Fastener is passionate about premium parts for your vehicle. They offer a variety of kits with assortments of the necessary blade- or cartridge-style car fuses for you. While performing routine check-ups on your fuse box, do not forget to check your car’s light bulbs to pass your next vehicle inspection. ROGO also offers kits with bulbs and batteries to properly maintain your lights. If you need assistance with fuse selection, contact their team today! Moreover, if you are specifically looking for premium-quality replacements for your luxury vehicle, like BMW parts, you can find a wide array of BMW oem parts online.

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